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Friday, January 11, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Corpus Christi, Texas on 2019-01-07 00:00:00 - From 1:30 am i saw 4 ufos off the coast, a couple miles from pins. 3 blinking lights. one stayed at the water in n, 2 other blinking light flew back in forth up the coast and landing on a much bigger aircraft in e straight out from the ocean.

My and my boyfriend were camping out on the padre island national seashore. we went to bed around 10 pm. i could not sleep. i kept getting such an ery feeling. i woke my bf up and told him how scared i was which is unusual (we have camped many times out on the beach) i finily started falling asleep around 12 am. around 1:30 i was awaken by my bf looking for the flash light and paper towls because he had to go to the restroom. i sat up and noticed a blinking light off the coast about 100- 200 ft up. for a second, i thought it was a plane but i noticed it was not moving. my bf found the flash light and turned it on which then trigger the object and it started moving away from us. i freaked out and said "what in the world is that". my bf went around the car to do his business and turned the flash light off. the object traveld ne towards another blinking light that looked like it was on the water. it hoverd over that light for 10 minutes and then my bf had to turn the flash light on to walk back to where we were sleeping. when he turned it off the light was gone. 20 or so minutes go by and i noticed a strange dim light straight e. it slowing faded and then reappeared. i then noticed the blinking light again. it was traveling s down the coast towards another blinking light. they then passed each other. the one continued s while the one traveling ne went to that strange dim light. as soon as it got there both lights turned off and i could not see them (strange dim light and moving blinking light). the blinking light traveling s went out of sight. 20-30 minutes later i saw a bright light eject straight down, into the ocean. it seemed to eject where i last saw the strange dim light and the blinking light. i then saw the blinking light reappear (i dont remember where) it started coming right towards us. it got to the shoreline (still around 150ft in the air) and then turned around. it would move in zig-zags and randomly stoped but it seemed to start going to the same places (like makeing a round) i then could spot the strange dim light. i grabbed the binoculars and saw a dome shap air craft about a mile long with what could have been windows on the side. it was roataing and thats why it would slowly fade in and out. there was only one bright light on one side but it seemed a bunch of small light all around the surface. i then looked at the smaller blinking air crafts and i could sorta make out a triangular shap with red and green lights. it looked like nothing i have ever seen before. when it blinked it almost looked like it was changing shape (this was all through the binoculars). this went on for hours. then there was a random, very bright, flash. it appeared to have came from the last place i saw the strange dim light (dome shape) air craft. it was as bright as lighting but there were no clouds, no thunder, and no other sighting of lighting. it was also too quick to be lighting. i believe that was all. this all happend between 1am-6am roughly. i last spotted the blinking light around 6 am heading back to the strange light/dome shape aircraft. the next day i read a post by to individuals who saw two people dressed in all black, walking down the beach. they were described as super pale and acting strange. they spotted them in the same area we camped. one of them was standing in the dunes staring at the water. this post was posted the day before we went camping. there was other ufo sighting by other fisherman and campers on the beach. the video i attached was when the blinking light was hovering over the other blinking light. this was at the beginning of the night. i was scared to film when it was closer.

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Credit: MUFON

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