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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Cardiff, Wales on 1982-05-15 00:00:00 - The object was faceted and appeared to be spinning, hovering next to the well known pearl building in cardiff

Cardiff, south wales, early 80´s - no later than 1983 i lived in fairwater, a suburb of cardiff.I was child at the time and had a history of seeing things; we had previously lived in house that you could call haunted. we only lived there a short time due to phenomenon - and it was was two years to the very day that we moved in that we moved out, oddly enough. the house we moved to was bereft of any strange goings on. i think my sighting took place in 1982/3. sorry i cannot be more exact - but there is corroborating evidence which could nail the date - see below. in the distance in the city centre i could see the pearl building - not a skyscraper but i think at the time tallest building in the city. the ufo was spherical and appeared to be spinning. it appeared black/dark grey, or certainly a dark colour. reason i think it was spinning is that it looked faceted, the light reflecting as it spun. i was getting into the car with my father when i saw it and was amazed that he either did not see it or if he did, chose not to mention it. with my history of seeing things, i chose not to mention it. we drove off and that was that. i never saw it again. in the uk in the early 80´s was a part-work magazine called "the unexplained". my family used to get this, but not *religiously*.. if we got it we got it.... military history magazines were really what we were into, especially my father. at some point years later i found an intact issue: i say intact - if you were to put them in the binders, you had to remove the cover - but the inside back cover had reader´s letters. to my amazement, somebody had written in, describing the very same thing i saw. of course i cannot say if it was the same incident or whether same phenomenon was visible to certain observers at different times. unfortunately, that issue is now lost to me but it most certainly exists. the magazine concluded in 1983 - so if it was the same instance, this would help pinpoint my experience. for this reason, in answer to the question "total number of witnesses" i will say 2.

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Credit: MUFON

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