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Thursday, January 24, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Albany, Oregon on 2019-01-24 02:15:00 - Triangular formation of amber lights moving slowly south over western horizon

morning of 24 jan 2019 at 2:15am according to the stove clock, i saw a ufo. i was up in the middle of the night for the same reason all old men are up in the middle of the night. coming back to bed, i walked through the kitchen and looked up at the sky through the kitchen window as i often do to see if any stars are visible. this time, i saw in the sky just to the right of the branches of a large hawthorn tree in our back yard, three amber lights in an elongated triangular formation, with the sharpest point of the triangle pointing southwest. the lights appeared at first to be hovering, but after a moment, i realized that the whole formation was moving from north to south very slowly about 20 degrees over the western horizon from albany, or. there was a high overcast. the lights were beneath the cloud cover, so my impression was that they were no farther away than the personal aircraft that fly over town from albany municipal airport east of town. i thought they might be drones, so i stepped out onto the back porch to listen, but i couldn’t hear anything coming from that direction. nothing that sounded like little drones or small aircraft. as the formation moved slowly south, it changed shape. the two trailing lights moved closer together, and then one of them slowly faded out. the sky was high overcast, so i assumed it had just disappeared behind cloud. the lights appeared to flicker, but then i realized i was seeing them through the bare branches of the hawthorn tree. the two lights continued to move south until one-by-one, they disappeared as well. the whole sighting lasted 10 minutes. they moved so slowly that if i hold my hands out at arm’s length, they may have traversed four or five hand breadths.

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Credit: MUFON

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