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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Coolagolite, New South Wales on 2016-12-11 13:00:00 - While driving observed a cigar shaped craft on a flight path toward local mountain, then disapeared.

My ex partner and i were on a drive heading towards the main town around midday when this happened. the rd we were on is about 20km long and we were half way along it, adjacent to the rd on both sides is farm land, a dairy and other farms with a veiw at the middle point of a sacred mountain further north, at this point in question there is a rise in the rd and a plateo that gives you this all round veiw. i want to make a point at this stage that my ex partner, previously was totally desmisive about the ufo phenomena as i had tried many times to convince her of my beleif and knowlege of such things, having already seen a few. my ex, suddenly at this point said what the f##k is that pointing up as a passenger her window about 80ft nw above the car, was a cylander shaped object about 20,40ft long and around 6ft high, heading in that direction towards the mountain. it was cruising slowly until i pulled over, then it took off quickly towards the mountain. it was seemingly white in colour, but the interesting thing is that it seemed to change shape once a clear km away from us, then before i could see anything else, it disapeared. my ex is now a believer, i know that i have never seen anything in our vast joint militaries like this. my father worked on radar in the raf and i am well educated in old and current aircraft. so there you go. the object didnt seem to have any openings or markings, another small strange thing that happened the next day. i opened my kitchen window which gives you a distant view of the same area some 12km away, and i swear that i saw something similar just hovering in or around the same place, ans as if they knew i was watching, the craft dematerialized like the one i saw the day before, i would say it was the same craft but was not close enough to say definetively. on one other note, it did not make a sound. thank you

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Credit: MUFON

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