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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Cranston, Rhode Island on 1975-07-18 18:30:00 - Observed bright rotating light within cloud breaks, fixed position. then darted several miles and repeated.

for decades i have been telling people about this story and mostly all think im crazy. i've been watching ancient aliens lately and noticed that many of the stories take place years ago so i decided to share mine also. i had gone to a popular lemonade stand with a friend on a summer evening in the mid 1970 s. i was about 16 years old and we drove there in my car. it was a clear bright early evening in july and the sun was still out and high up in the sky. while standing in line i happened to look up at the clouds and noticed they were thick and white like big cotton balls. there was no noise or appearance of an airplane, helicopter or any other object that caused me to look up. soon there was a short break in the clouds which opened up a clear view of the sky. in the break i noticed a bright white light similar to a motorcycle headlight rotating in the sky not too high up. it only lasted a few seconds and then another cloud covered the light. i noticed that there would be several breaks in the clouds as they were moving fast across the sky so i kept looking up waiting for another break. when the next break came about 30 seconds later i noticed that the light was still there and doing the same thing. at this point i was amazed and started to wonder what it was. once again another cloud came and covered it and i waited for the next break. it came and the light was still there rotating, but it was only visible for a few seconds as another cloud came over. it was then that i turned to my friend and said, "john john look up when the clouds break there is some kind of light hovering in the sky. he looked up but there was a cloud there and he said; "oh vin it's probably just a helicopter or something". i replied "a helicopter! you would clearly see a helicopter if it were there and certainly hear it" but he looked away in disbelief. i kept looking and soon there was a large break in the clouds and the object was still there rotating. it was apparent that it would be visible for a while now and i started pointing at it and saying "look look there it is there it is" but he would'nt turn around again. after a few seconds of this almost like the object knew i was drawing attention to it, it darted across the sky in a second and stopped again maybe about 2 miles or so to the north. when it stopped i could still see it rotating as it was before but it was so far away that unless you saw it move and followed it you would'nt know it was there. i frantically told my friend what happened saying something like" i cant believe you would'nt listen to me i think i just saw a ufo. shortly after a lot of cloud cover came and that was the end of it. we got our lemonade and i kept telling him about it and he kept telling me i was crazy. it was the 70 s and there were no cell phones with cameras, and who carried around a camera so i dont have any evidence of the incident from that point on i became a believer in ufo's.

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Credit: MUFON

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