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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Salida, Colorado on 1963-04-30 00:00:00 - Parents driving home, other friend in car, her parenrs following in another car. all cars stopped and people got out to watch. large orb followed by 3 helicopters. front facing surface was white, rear facing surface was red. color never changed orientatio

I was born in 1956 and at the time i was 7, possibly 8. i had gone out to dinner with my parents, friends of theirs who had a girl a year or so younger than i was. we had gone to salida, co. i remember this because my mom had been born in salida but this was the 1st and only time i remember ever going there. at the time i lived in either canyon city and the friends lived in pueblo. we were driving back from salida and the friends daughter had gone in our car until we reached a turn off where we would go one way and they would go the other, at which time the girl would switch cars. before we reqched that point but not too far from it, my parents saw something and pulled to the side of the road as did the friends following along woth anyone else on the road going either way. maybe 8 to 10 cars. my parents, along with everyone else, got oyt to watch it's passing. i was toldcto stay in the car but i wantedcto watch too so i crawled out the window. the friends daughter got scared, stayed in the car but laid down and went right to sleep which i thought was weird but i went to stand next to my parents who i thougtwould yell at me for grtting out but didn't. they just stood there, not talking, just watching. what i saw was a large glowing orb followed by what i thoughtwere 3 helicopters from the lights and the way they moved . they were some distance off so i couldn't make their details out and if there was any noise it wasn't loud or unusual. the ord didn't seem to make any noise. the front half of the orbs surface was white while the rear half of its surface was red and that never changed even though looking at it it looked like it was spinning. it traveled from my front right side coming closer but not on a direct path over and slowly curved away toward some mountains on my front left side. not terribly close or terribly far either. night but bright. stars weren't out yet but it seemed like a clear night. road was bright though i don't remember road lights ex ept down by an intersection we weren't far from when we stopped. made a guess about time, don't remember time of year but no snow, not cold, not hot. we all stood there until it all passed and then everyone started moving again and my parents hustled me back into the car. we swapped the daughter out to her parents car and continued on. they didn't know what it was. some whispering and then the next day it was like it hadn't happened or they didn't want to talk about it. over the years i've often wondered why, with that many people stepping out of their cars to watch that no one seemed to have reported it and no one remembered it after. it stood out because it wasn't the only unisual thing that had happened that night. at the restaurant we went to, it had 2 rooms with 1 being the dining room and the other being a bar with some booths but it was through this roo, you had to go to get to the bathrooms. the daughter and i had both noticed when we came into the place that down at the end of this long room a woman sat in the last booth before you went through a doorway to get to the restrooms and next to her was the biggest white furry dog i'd ever seen. at some point i talked the girl into going to the restroom when really what i wanted to do was get a closer look at this dog. sitting, its head was taller than the lady sitting in the booth but even she was odd. she wore her coat, gloves, a scarf on her hair and cateye sunglasses and was drinking something from one of those china cups restaurants used to use but seldom do anymore. pale face with really red lipstick. not young but not elderly either. she was the only other person on that side other than the bartender. that dog watched us come the entire way with its eyes but never moved. as we came up even with it though i got scared a bit since the dog didn't seem to have a halter or leash on it and didn't want to walk past it but the lady spoke to us. not much, just don't worry about the dog. small stuff. my mom realized sbout this time we were takig too long and came to find us. i remember she apologized to the lady before dragging us away. now i ask you, since when do restaurants or even bars let people bring their dogs in, even little ones never mind really big ones without a leash? for all the lady wore these sunglasses, she wasn't blind nor was the dog any kind of a service animal even if they had those back then. it made enough of an impression on my 7 year old self that i remembered a lot about the trip and held onto it but i've never found any report of it.

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Credit: MUFON

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