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Monday, January 7, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Virginia on 2019-01-06 05:30:00 - Solid object floating in sky. clear day appeared without notice and disappeared unknown.

01-06-2019 around 5:00-5:30 pm, i was walking my dogs outside. it was a beautiful sunny day and i noticed that two planes were spraying the skies above me. i went on and continued to walk my two dogs around the loop in the neighborhood. i just happen to look upward toward the sky as we were coming around the last corner of the loop and there was this object hovering in the sky. from the eye it looked like a plane just at a stand still, not moving any direction. i was a bit confused and stared at the object for what seemed like forever but was just a few seconds. after realizing i was looking at something that was not supposed to be, i ran with my dogs to my house, before entering my home i looked back at the object and it was still there. i got my camera, a samsung st66 and went to my front yard, which facing the object is nne. the object appears to be white in color, solid and reflects sunlight which makes the object fliker a metallic color. the object never turned, zoomed, or anything. i observed the object on record for a little over 11 mins. there was a plane in the sky just west of the object flying. the object stayed stationary as clouds passed over. the object disappeared a bit here and there till a clearing in the clouds would show it but it still was stationary. after 11 mins a long line of clouds covered the object and i either lost it or it disappeared. it was still daylight when i observed this object and no stars were visible. there was nothing in the sky visible to me besides this object at nne, a plane flying west of the object and some clouds. i went inside after no longer being able to see the object and uploaded the video. while waiting on the load process to complete i looked up star maps to see which stars and planets were visible in my area at that time, there was none. i also checked the iss, which happen to only be available on the 6th that morning around 7:00. so i know for a fact it was not a star, planet or the iss. i also went back outside after the clouds passed and by this time it was sunset. there still was no visible stars or planets, nor was the object there. i also returned after dark (when the stars were visible) and there was no light or object in the area of where the object was observed nor did i see anything that looked like the object. i am aware that the quadrantids meteor shower is happening as well but the sitemap shows the available viewing time for me was under the horizon at this time. i tried to load the full 11 min video to mufon but after 1 hour of it not loading i gave up and took frame shots and played with tinting the pics for better observation (i have no idea what i am doing). this is the first time for me seeing something that doesn't make sense. even if it is a plane in the sky, how can it be stationary so long? please email me if you would like to watch the full video.

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Credit: MUFON

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