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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Huntsville, Ontario on 2018-12-02 00:00:00 - Orange pulsating light in the sky

Late one evening the power goes out in our rural house about 3 am. go downstairs to shut down two computers on ups and look outside as it’s now completely dark in office except i see similar flashing/pulsing/electric light shining down on the snow all around house. i think great the snow storm has knocked down a wire on house and it’s an electrical fire by or on the house. wake wife to tell her of the “fire”. i go outside and realize the light is shining down from the sky. snow is really falling now so the orange pulsing light is only discernible as indistinct area of light except the dance of the pulsing light is clearly seen moving to the backyard now. i walk to back of house to see the light just above the tree line. i go inside. wife see lights and remarks that an electrical fire of some sort must be in our neighbours property. but in my mind i realize the angle is wrong that the light originates from approximately 50 to 100 feet above the ground close to the tops of the trees. i also notice that the lights since my return inside the house are now slowly moving over the house shining directly down. wife says she’s tired and it’s late and starts to head back to bed upstairs. but before she can she sees light of car heading down in front the house. i see what looks like headlights. coming slowly as if car is going to pass our home. i quickly run to try and flag the driver down. to ask if he knows why the power is out and if they are going to the electrical fire nearby. but as i race to the bottom of the driveway the car lights move up the tops of the trees with a very bright white light as is quickly gone. i am left standing in the dark with no car in sight in either direction. but i look back at the house and i see a pulsing light of orange over the house with remnants of other white beams of white light fading quickly. fear is what happens next. i pull out my phone and call my father and tell him what i am seeing. he asks if he should come up i say no. the snow still obscures any outing of what i am seeing except that the lights is pulsing quickly like an electrical fire. i stand watch it dim slightly. i tell my father i am going inside, then i tell him good night. the lights are still shining directly down in the snow all around the house but they are fading as if the illuminating object is flying up in altitude from my house. i slowly go to bed but stare outside for a good two hours before falling asleep. at no time did i hear any sound from the light. to this day i am i don’t know why my wife felt okay to go back to sleep with lights in the sky. i live in the outskirts of huntsville ontario. i don’t know what i saw but it was like nothing i have seen before n my life.

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Credit: MUFON

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