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Thursday, January 10, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Government Camp, Oregon on 1994-06-30 23:50:00 - Extremely bright light with no sound

We where at high rocks oregon on a overnight camping trip. the camping location is on a bluff with 360 degree view. towards the end of the night, the fire burnt out and instead of putting up the tent we just got back in the car and started it to warm up. while hanging out in vehicle we decided to mess with the headlights, turning them on and off. the first time we noticed the light it was to our far left at the base of the canyon moving horizontally to the right. the light appeared to be moving behind the trees at a high rate of speed. i thought it could possibly be a dirt bike or quad. the light first appeared at the base of the canyon moving to the right behind the trees, once the light got directly in front of us it turned and headed straight towards us. eventually the light went out of sight below us because of the angle of the bluff. at this point my 2 friends became afraid that it was a ufo. i was doubtful so i got out of the car and stepped to the edge of the bluff and looked over. seeing nothing, i turn around and as i turn i see the bluff becoming flooded with brilliant light. the eyes of both my friends wide in disbelief, i turn back around and there in the sky is a extremely bright light hovering at 45 degree abut 20 to 30 feet away. the light was blinding but silent, no noise whatsoever. i felt frozen in place for a moment. then i was able to turn around and ran to the car that my friends where already turning around. i dove into the back window and we tore down a 5 mph road at about 40 mph.

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Credit: MUFON

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