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Tuesday, January 1, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Hudson, North Carolina on 2019-01-01 01:05:00 - Witnessed at night. solid orange/ red glow sphere. moved, then stationary, then disappeared straight up at a fast speed faster than any helicopter i’ve ever seen never blinked. at @ 1,000 to 5,000 ft elevation

On the night of december 31, shortly after new years i left a nearby friends house at around 12:30am new years morning when i noticed the object. this is the second time i have noticed this object/s. the first was on november 17, 2017, in the nearby town of granite falls, nc. , with multiple targets.This encounter is what led me to finally respond. the object this time, hovered, then moved in a straight line, slowly, then very quickly, then shot straight up into a foggy sky. it was overcast on the night of december 31. clear on he first siting on november 17, 2017. just this weekend on wbtv news channel 3, it was reported of a lady,debra thomson, who videoed a very similar object near kiawah island, sc on december 24, 2018. a similar report was cited near myrtle beach, sc in 2015. in both of my citings, targets were orange/red with a bright, steady glow. no blinking whatsoever. in both citings, no sound was observed. slow to hovering speed, but could move almost instantly and go straight up at a very fast speed. faster than any man made object i have ever witnessed.( in the first citing in2017), i witnessed multiple targets, i counted 8 with more folllowing in somewhat of a line. but...... one object could catch another at an astonishing speed then slow immediately. there were several witnesses that pulled over along with me to observe the objects. all of us asked the same question. what are they?? this was in the town of granite falls, five miles south of hudson,nc, mentioned above. also, in the first sighting, a small piper cub airplane was flying nearby to give a good reference to the objects. in both citings: it was dark, @6:30 pm in the first citing. 12:30 am in the second sighting. color was the same in both citings. no sound from any object in both citings, abilities to hover, change speed and direction very quickly in both citings. i have watched the video by debra thomson. the objects i saw were very much the same in nature. please contact me if you have any questions. dwayne.

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Credit: MUFON

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