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Friday, January 11, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Mulberry, Indiana on 2018-02-10 00:00:00 - We were driving when we saw 3 lights in a triangle shape and as we got closer we saw the outline of an obtuse triangle with lights at each corner hovering over a house. later, about 30 minutes, we saw lights over our neighbors house.

The night started when me, my siblings, and my mom went out to watch a movie, annihilation. it was around 2 hours so we left the theater pretty late. what i mostly remember from the beginning of the trip home was that it had already gotten dark out and we were talking about the movie. we had just passed a four-way stop when i noticed a few white lights above a house. i brushed it off thinking it was just a cellphone tower or street lights until one of my siblings pointed it out as well. we started looking closer at it but couldn't really get that good a view since we were passing trees. once we passed the trees, the lights became more prominent and we noticed that they were above a house. the lights were in a triangle shape and we were starting to see an outline of a dark grey, a bit lighter than black but noticeable in the dark, obtuse triangle shape, if you want to be specific. by this point we were all in shock and talking loudly trying to figure out what it was and since our family really believes in aliens, ghosts, etc. aliens was our immediate thought. once we were right by the house my mom slightly stopped the car. my older sister was screaming/laughing and recording, my brother was crying but not hysterically, and me and my second oldest sister were just staring, i wasn't really paying attention to my mom so i don't know what she was doing. after a few seconds it really settled in that we were staring right at a ufo, my eyes started watering so i guess you could say i was crying but out of shock. me and my second oldest sister were asking my mom to fully stop the car because we wanted to get out. (not really a great idea now that i think about it) but by then my brother was kicking the back of my mom's seat crying, hysterically, saying he wanted to leave, so we did. we all immediately looked behind the car as we drove off to keep looking at the thing we saw and i noticed that a couple cars were behind us. i definitely still wonder if they saw what we did. while we were still looking at it as we drove off, i noticed that i slowly moved ahead in the direction we were going but not necessarily following us. once we got closer to where we were supposed to turn to get home we passed some trees so it got harder to see but you could clearly makeout that it had switched the side of the road it had been on. we got into a heavier wooded area so we gave up on looking. everyone was talking over each other in shock except for me and my brother. my brother, i'm guessing, was still recovering from what we had just seen while i was in complete shock still trying to comprehend what i just seen. once we got home we immediately told my dad what we had seen drawing and looking for a picture online that might resemble what we saw. he didn't really believe us at first, him being a man that rarely gets fazed by anything, but when we kept trying to describe it to him i think he got used to the idea. since he had work the next day he went to sleep after, around 10 minutes of us being home. we did sometimes see weird light around our house in the sky or by neighbors houses which were fairly far away since we lived out in the country. so out of habit i looked out the window above our sink and saw a couple odd lights above our neighbors house. it wasn't like before where they ended up being connected but they were separate lights. i called over my mom and second oldest sister and we freaked for a couple minutes but weren't that surprised since we'd seen similar things before. as i got ready to go to bed for school the next day, i kept glancing at the window.

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Credit: MUFON

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