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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Pomona Park, Florida on 2019-01-08 03:30:00 - Seen more then one kind,over house,i,keep seeing them almost every nite,different kinds,some small and big

I've seen them in daytime and at nite on many occasions.Different kinds, one was white 80-100ft long w potholes, with yellow, greenish blue n red lites. made no noise. 60-80ft high & 2 days later my face peeled like a sunburn.I've seen then look like an insert lite, black w white lite and what looked like a shield to cover the lite.One looked like 2 eggs but could see blue outline,look as if you could see thru it except for blue outline.In daytime. one at nite looked like a square w many round lites neon red,white&blue.Seen at nite more than one white flickering lites, v shaped w red lite on top like antenna.Also flickered green n red.I've seen em w 2 white lites with one red lite on top.I've seen them w many white lites in a circular pattern.It flashed a beam into my window, i went outside to look, my wife and i were both there and flashed a flashlite at it and it responded flashing lites back.I've seen the same kind, my wife and i took a walkie talkie asked to turn its lights off and on and it responded.My wife and i seen it nite after nite on many occasions.We waved at it and it responded shooting a white beam at us.I've seen them more than my wife,and on most nites i can see them.My wife has witnessed this to.I've woke up w strange bruises like fingerprints except for 3-4 fingers never 5.Also bruising w long fingers.I have a scoop mark on my back that is healed but still very visible.I woke up & have my left testicket half its size & has remained small.I have many strange things happen.1 about 3-4wks ago when grocery shopping, one appeared at nite. we waived to let it know we seen it,it lacked out when trying to get other people to notice. but on way home it lit up and followed us.Again on most nites i can go outside and see up to 10.My wife has witnessed many of these things but not all.At first i think she thought i was crazy until she seen it for herself.I bet if i had a video camera that could record at a distance, i guarantee i could prove this.My video camera when i try to get it on film only shows a little white lite when i try to catch it at nite.The other ones happen so fast i never have a chance to get it on video.I can guarantee if you have a person come stay w me at nite, they'll get it on tape.As i said, almost every nite they are here.I can't understand why me.

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Credit: MUFON

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