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Thursday, January 17, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Portsmouth, England on 1966-08-31 00:00:00 - craft with no flight surfaces and no sound approached from se at rooftop level, walking pace, moved over rear gardens and faded from view. large orange disc on rear, believed power unit. craft origin unknown, it recognised from this planet..

I was in bed, and alerted by bright light in bedroom ( upstairs rear). drew back curtains and observed a ‘ craft’ approaching slowly from se with search light directed at ground below. as craft drew eater and level with my upper bedroom window i noticed no sound or wings or rotors, with no visible means of keeping it airbourne. as it cleared building opposite it slowly turned in my direction passing over my rear garden, as it drew level with my building it turned slowly and continued slowly and very much under control in the same direction. the craft had two inter spaced windows, internally lit along the side. my observation was helped by a fairly bright moon at about 60 degrees away. the side alienated to have. two door or hanger like features . the rear had a couple of ‘struts’ , not wings. i assumed these were strengening supportive struts to support power unit. i was an apprentice aircraft engineer upon leaving school, so i was professionally accustomed to aeronaughtical structures from an early age. i was nit a ufo enthusiast before this sighting, but after i was convinced that the craft was not from this world as we had no known technology at the time (or even now) i as not ‘ scared’ yet very awestruck ,as i knew at the time that this craft was not from this world by its very features, and characteristics, and was amazed of its ability to maintain perfect control within around 10 feet, or less, about the rooftops. revealed in the media next day were sightings of ‘several’ objects over the sea some 1.5 miles away from my craft. these were changing colours, hovering over the water, maki g two loud bangs and believed by witnesses to submerge under the surface. nearby havant police revealed ‘thousands’ of calls from terrified people living on nearby hayling island. these ‘objects’ were reported seen for 160 miles along the south coast from the se/e. these sightings were well documented as a serious event on local tv chen ens abd newspaper. the final press verdict was they were unknown/i identified. nothing was reported after that.

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Credit: MUFON

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