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Thursday, January 31, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Aurora, Illinois on 2019-01-31 10:15:00 - The craft was going nw-se

I was in the guard house i happened to be looking east out the window of the door and noticed it moving into view from above the shack i was in. when i first saw it, i thought it was a missile but it was going slow almost like a helicopter. it was white not shinny it's body was like the fuselage of a plane except it was flat on the bottom it had a blunt front end and the back was vertically flat (i think). it had no wings. it was perfectly horizontal while flying. it wasn't gaining altitude. it was a bit higher than the tall power line towers. no windows on it. it gave me the impression that it was floating along like the wind was pushing it. it was calm at the time. i took my phone out of my pocket to take a pic but i couldn't remember how to activate the iphone camera. i also noticed a bright glint of light towards the top left side, which was on the other side of the craft than where the sun was at. it is impossible that i was the only one who saw this like it wanted to be seen. i opened the compass and looked afterwards and estimated it was going se it was 10:15 am. a while later a black helicopter flew fairly low over my guardhouse going north north west it had a strange narrow red stripe along it's side. i contacted you a few years earlier about a ufo i saw and since then i have started remembering other sightings and experiences and one experience memory came back to me from about 40 years ago.

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Credit: MUFON

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