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Saturday, January 26, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Calgary, Alberta on 2019-01-25 00:00:00 - Frightening nightmares that could be experiences

Hello; i really need to speak with someone regarding some possible extraterrestrial visitations i have experienced. the reason i have for believing this is that i have had several night terrors or nightmares about if for many years, especially over the past 10. i am now 32, living in calgary alberta canada. 8 yrs ago i had a nightmare that was the first of many terrifying ones to come... i am still not sure if it was in fact a dream. in it, i was laying in bed and the entire room filled with a very bright, white light that came down the window... i was disoriented and a large being, with big eyes and long arms and spindly looking fingers game toward me. it wrapped its cold clammy hand around my neck and began choking me. i did what i could to scream and then, i found myself standing at my front door holding the door handle with my daughter standing in the living room staring at the window. i have no idea how i got down the stairs and why i was trying to go outside. or why my daughter was standing there. the most recent nightmare or experience i had was the other night, in which a being of s similar nature was standing in my room, all lights had gone out and there was the same bright white light filling the room. i screamed for the being not to take me and it turned at once.... it’s eyes were huge and it’s fingers long.... it had the appearance of a large grey... it came toward me and held me sow i the bed by my shoulders. i tried to scream but no sound came out... i woke you in a shiver, and cold sweat soaked... i went to the washroom and washed my face, looking in the mirror i saw a smal perfectly round red circle about the size of a quarter on my shoulder. it has since disappeared and i was unable to get a photograph. when i went back to sleep i had images of horrible things happening and the destruction of the world and humanity. i woke with a feeling of complete dread and fear. i have seen at least a dozen ufo’s in my life, all within the last 10yrs and... i have experience lost time, resulting in my writings of symbols that i cannot read, multiple ferrying nightmares or experiences and i have audio recording of myself speaking in a language that i do not know... i really need some help. if anyone can talk to me and bring clarity to this situation i’ve dealt with for years now it would be most helpful. i have so much information to share. i have tried to seek help from a specialized hypnotist and they have refused to call me back and have blocked me from social media and has not returned my calls. i have included my drawings of images from my dreams and writings. i thank you for taking the time to help me. this has caused me a lot of stress, depression and insomnia... i await for your response.

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Credit: MUFON

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