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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Lyndon, Kansas on 1995-07-10 22:30:00 - My nephew (7yrs) was on the ground, i(12yrs) was in a tree. object was huge, black and i could have almost touched it.

i was 12 at the time and my nephew was seven. i was visiting my sister and nephew during the summer. i am not sure of the exact date but i think it happened in the middle of july 1995. it was about 10:30 pm and my nephew and i were playing out side. i climbed a tree and my nephew and i were playing catch with a ball. i threw the ball to my nephew who caught it and i waited for him to throw it back. he wouldn’t throw it back for a long time and i became confused, i then noticed a dumbfounded look on his face and could tell he was looking behind me. i then turned to look up and there was a very large object that was floating very slowly just above the tree. i would guess it was about the size of two football fields put together, it was black and had a flat octagonal shape. there were round white lights spaced evenly around the bottom of the craft. it was gliding very slowly and in a north easterly direction and it was completely silent. i would not have noticed it if my nephew hadn’t seen it first. the strangest thing about it was that it was so close to me. it seemed like i could have stood up reaching as far as i could and my fingertips would have grazed the bottom of the craft. i just sat there in the tree staring at it mouth agape and watched it glide silently into the darkness until i couldn’t see it anymore. once it was gone i looked down at my nephew and it was like we both suddenly understood what we had seen. we both sprinted into the house where we proceeded to very loudly and excitedly describe what happened to my sister. she just sat there with a look adults give children when they think they’re telling a story. years later i recounted the story to my family at the dinner table. i looked at my nephew who was now an adult and he had the same dumbfounded expression that he did then. when i finish the story he said and exasperated tone, “that was real!” i said , yes do you remember it? he said that he did but thought it had been a dream this whole time. my sister also remembered us running inside to tell her about it.

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Credit: MUFON

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