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Thursday, January 17, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Tucson, Arizona on 1984-06-10 00:00:00 - Driving past pacheo peak az dozens of orbs darted upward into hovering cigar shape conveyor belt of blinking lights about a mile wide pulled over to watch truck pulled up after missing time driving to phoenix

Hello! well this is odd to find your website and i wanted to share some real life experience's with you sir... back in the mid 80's i was living in tuscon, driving back n forth to phoenix on the weekends for a new job i just started. i was in my early twenties and on my way passing pacheo peak i noticed dozen of white orbs zipping up from the ground behind and around the peak joining what looked like hundreds of other orbs blinking in sequence in a cigar shape conveyor belt form. i pulled off an exit across from the peak, i think it was an old motel parking lot, parked my 77 pontiac formula car facing the peak, slowly got of the car and began watching the orbs dart up from behind the peak and then join the conveyor belt, i laid back on the hood of my car mezmerized, the conveyor belt was huge maybe a good mile maybe more and was very wide and high above the peak. i am actually reliving this as i write... now that i think about it, i saw a big truck with over head lights pulling into the lot and then he came up along side of me. i was fixed on watching the orbs and blinking lights, i heard gravel crunching and without looking at him i said "what the fuck, do you see what i see" i don't recall an answer and then the next thing i know, i am drving on i-10 up to phoenix as if nothing happened. every once in a while i get a flash back and think about it, but it was so absurd i never told anyone about it until i visited my brother in nj this past christmas. he brought up seeing ufo's during his travels out west and was sharing them with me. i said, you are not the only one bro, i have never told anyone this before and explained what i saw as described in this account. i added years later, i now think this conveyor belt was an actual hovering ufo, there was no stars shinning through it and it was all solid black. the orbs were rotating in sequence around it and joining it one by one. i did not mention anything about possibly missing time but did say i don't remember drving off but there i was on i-10 back on my way to phoenix. anyway, we both just suddenly stopped talking about it, gave each the look and watched the rest of the ranch on netflixs. i also did mention to him that rob a friend of both of ours and i were driving out west in the early 80's in nm once and on the way down the hill into alburq. we both saw something brillant take off after 2am and just looked at each other petrified. from that point to the time we got down the interstate at the bottom of the hill we witnessed a huge accident with a tractor trailor flip over in flames and some car wreckage. we just kept driving and didnt even talk. i also don't remember drviing down the hill to the point of the accident, i think we were both in shock. i kept meaning to talk to rob about it, he was in nj during christmas and tried to contact me but i did not call him and don't know why. i did tell my brother you can ask rob about the event, he is my witness...I actually keep meaning to talk to him about it over these past decades but never followed through, like something is stopping me? he used to be one of my very best friends. anyway, years later i now have intermittent flash back of both events. it did not change my life, no ill effects, only intermittment flashback. honestly i feel foolish to say it was possible i was missing time during both of these sightings. i have just chalked it up to being in shock or mesmerized. i would love to be hypnotized to discover in fact if there is anything more to this story?. i often feel i have a sixth sense and connection to space and can feel beyond our planet and sense of a higher being or power at times. i am very spiratual and have a full sense of human history from genisis to now. well thats about it, i don't know you, its not an urgent matter to me, but i would like to talk to a professional about it and or possibly explore a hypnosis session. i am a credible person, had a professional career my entire life, i don't drink, do any narcotics and definitely am not a liar. i actually never thought i was "abducted" but why i don't recall what happened immediately after sometime make me wonder and then when i see these shows and people explain what happened to them i begin to wonder. (so far, no aliens in mine, lol) okay so as i am writing....There was also another encounter in the 80's, while waiting for my girlfriend at the tuscon mall, i saw a black object float over the tucson mall while parked in the lot. it was actually someting huge and black floating by that blocked out the stars and then part of the moon too, as i think about it now, it was a triangular shape as it went bye. later that night on the news i heard that an asteroid came within 250 thousand miles of the earth, so i thought that was what i witnessed and only rarely thought about it. as i am writing....I also had other instances of weird stuff, like green lightning that split time in half like it was torn and in the middle was just darkness, my mother said she saw it too, this is when i was living in sunnyvale ca during the daytime in the 90's. i also saw a huge meteor stream down from the sky in vegas, my 4 year old son saw it too and it hit the red mountains and exploded lighting up the mountain range at 2am while driving, that was also reported in the news. there was also a time i almost got hit by a meteor that i saw come down from the sky in tuscon at midnight and it hit the covered parking above my car and just bounced along on the steel cover. i guess living in the desert you see alot of strange things in the big desert sky... i really deliberated sending you this email. i currently am winding down my career and work remotely from home in nevada and work on location in the midwest 15 weeks a year. say hello if you like and thank you so much for your time reading about my "experiences"..I was going to list all my personal info but after reading the submission piece i would like to stay anon at this time. this stuff really did happen! cordially, ejl ps... as far as the sightings if you can refer me to someone locally that could do a professional hypnosis session i think it will fill in the blanks. i get flash backs now n then and i know there is more to it...Please don't post and keep confidential until i decide othewise, thanks again!

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Credit: MUFON

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