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Monday, January 21, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Manning, South Carolina on 2016-10-15 00:00:00 - My wife was letting our dog in she hollered at me to come to the door and asked me what that was . and i just starred att it in disbelief. it was a triangle with one red light in each corner. the lights did not blink nor did it change direction.

Around october 15 2016 at around 9pm . my wife was letting our dog in side . she shouted for me to come to the door . i stepped outside and she asked me what is that ? i just starred in disbelief. i then looked all over the sky and also saw two airplanes but not near the object and going in different directions . they had blinking lights, thee object had red lights that did not blink. the more we looked at the object ,i could see that it was a triangle. it flew in a straight path but not very fast . we watched go out of sight . my wife and my 6 yr old son also watched the object the entire time. i really wanted to go after it but i thought to my self if it really was an ufo then maybe i should just let it be. now with that said i’m not saying that’s what it was . maybe it was military. i just don’t know . i’m mainly writing this to show my son that i’m not afraid of saying what i saw and neither should he.

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Credit: MUFON

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