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Friday, January 18, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Sebastopol, California on 2018-01-10 00:00:00 - I witnessed several times usually 2 colorful objects at times 3 that swaying like in between magnets, once a 3rd appeared overhead but flamelike white toplike, seen red sphere drop from coloredht

I would see these fast blinking colorful objects from my front porch in sebastopol california, when i would step out to have a cigarette usually late evevening. they swayed like being hung by a string or magnetic forces pushing side to side. once i observed a red sphere drop from one and made a squiggly descend towards the ground but lost visual half way down. i would see thes 2 or 3 objects often. and asked my friends if they ever seen them and they said no, i responded, you need to look up sometimes. there are colorful blinking lights that look almost starlike, not sure what those are, but those arent what i would watch, just so you know im not mistaking these as ufos. once i wondered how they control these objects, i dont want to say how i figured out exactly but i lets say kinda willed it to move, which it did slightly. i was hit with a demanding understanding to stop, which of course i did. do not try and do this please. i have a respect when i observe these almost like a deer grazing in your yard and sees you but feels unthreatened so keeps grazing but of course looks fill curiousity, which made me never to think at moment to video. once while watching 2 colorful ones, which i usually would for about 15 to 45 minutes then go back in, i looked almost straight up to see a pure white one, the best way to describe this one would be candle flame. it swayed like a top. different then the other ones. never seen the white again but have been watching these for years. now a days i would see them but just say hello and go about my business. i have an idea of where they come and go from. i never witnessed it but for some reason have an idea but for privacy reasons im not willing to share that due to respect. ive also witnessed about 11 years ago a ufo in indiana. different from californias. this was a row of lights, white but not as brilliant as the flame. id say maybe 4 to 6 in a row hovering for quite a time. one light would go out as another would come one further down the line. i heard from relatives thatthey heard a loud boom or crash a few miles from where i witnessed it and the county roads where blocked off by sherrif deputies. i heard ufo investigaters where there but i wasnt contacted to give my report because this is the first ive really shared my experience. thanks for your time. this is a true statement. see ya

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Credit: MUFON

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