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Friday, January 11, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Oak Harbor, Washington on 2018-12-20 18:30:00 - Large yellow-white glowing sheres that were stationair. appeared and disappeared in sequence

It was a black out on the island due to high winds. we had gone to the church because there was supposed to be a meeting. however, due to the blackout it was canceled. my daughter noticed that there had been3 a stationary light like a star but it was below the clouds. we went to an area across from the bay which is beside nas whidbey seaplane base a military base. i did not think they were aircraft as i am a navy veteran of 20 years 10 of which i worked as an aviation mechanic. i also worked on and around h-60 helicopters for 3 years in san diego during my enlistment. i don't know of any aircraft that is silent or operates without position lights. when we arrived we stopped the van on the far side of the street. even though it was dark it was clear that the objects were below the clouds but above the tree line. we watched as another light appeared then a third. at that time the first light faded. then a fourth appeared. the third light faded. then after a while a fifth light appeared. as the fourth faded. eventually the fifth faded just leaving the second sphere. during the process a helicopter flew out behind the trees on the far side of the base. the other object made no sound and had no position light as the helicopter had. they also did not have any spotlights on the water as search and rescue helicopters would if looking for an object in the bay. they did not move when they disappeared. my sister who was with us recorded most of the event. other cars can be seen passing. as this was happening and when (during the blackout) i felt the spheres may have been trying to get the attention of people on the ground. this would have been a perfect time. however, i only remember 3 other cars had stopped to watch what was going on. me , my daughter and sister commented on the fading in and fading out, but i don't think anyone was afraid just curious and excited at what we saw. we only lost sight of the objects when they faded out. they were stationary at all times, not moving in any direction. we left and did not see if anything else had occurred.

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Credit: MUFON

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