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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Bournemouth, England on 1990-07-27 16:45:00 - I observed a very bright glowing triangle in a clear blue sky which hovered for a few minutes then changed direction swiftly then disintegrated i never a millisecond at great speed

It was mid summer of 1990, i was going to be 16 in a few months and i had just left school that month. exams were over and i had one of the best summers ahead of me, starting work for a pond digging and landscaping company. before that though i had a couple of blissful school/work free weeks to myself and on the day of the sighting it was the very last official school day and i had my bedroom window thrown open as wide as it would go so that i could hang out of it and stare down the long straight tree lined road. i was waiting for my friend, 1 or 2 years younger than me who, as a non school leaver had to be at school right until he very last day. ( i attended a military based private school with very strict rules and regs). as his bus dropped him a short walk from the end of our long straight road, i knew at around 4:30 he'd be trudging reluctantly up our road past my house to get to his home. it was a very hot, clear sky summer day in july so with his blazer and all his uniform on i thought i'd wait , shout some banter at him and offer to help with his armfuls of sports gear etc brought home from school for summer holidays. as it happened the bus was slightly late that day, so consequently i ended up periodically staring down our road trying to make out distant people and see if i could see him. as i was doing this, at around 4:45pm ( i was getting bored as hell by now), in my peripheral vision in the clear, blue summer sky, i clocked what in the back of my mind i assumed was a little fluffy cloud you sometimes get in certain conditions in our town. but something seemed "wrong" about it it. then my brain clikcked in and i realised what was wrong. it was glowing an extremely bright orange/ yellow as a small cloud would have done at sunset time, which at that time of year would have been around 21:30 ish. also as we had had a long few weeks of completely clear sunny skies, seeing a 'cloud' was like a little treat. if you understand me? so, now it had my full attention! it was triangular, hovering point down, for at least 5-7 minutes. i couldn't believe what i was seeing after i had got over the shock that it definitely wasn't a hot air balloon,i obseverd it hovering there glowing extremely brightly. it moved to the left, only a very small amount but very quickly. then when it had my full observational attention, it decided to shoot off towards the north west ish at such a speed it appeared to reduce to a singularity point in less than a second of time. as i was watching it do these things, my friend was walking down our road towards me, facing away from the object. as my full attention was on the object his calls from a long way off had to go un answered i was so astounded, scared, helpless, and unsure of myself i eventually called to him to turn and look. but just as he was in earshot to understand what i was trying to tell him, it decided to do its split second disappearing act. it felt strangely as if it wanted to be observed but only for a certain time and by only a few people. why else even be visible unless it was malfunctioning it some way? this sighting has affected my whole life and general outlook. whether anyone believes me or not, i know for sure

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Credit: MUFON

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