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Saturday, January 26, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Jacksonville, Florida on 2019-01-26 19:47:00 - Seemed like a fleet with a straight path. went far left to where i was and then disappeared

Hey everyone, i was driving to my mother’s house from a day trip to disney world in orlando. i had been listening to open minds podcast on my way home. i’m a curious person always looking towards the sky. well i made a left at the light near to where she lives and was approaching the farthest entrance from her complex. i looked left toward the complex to look at the house when my gaze fixed on four or five bright orange orbs in the sky that seemed to form a arrow in the sky. i freaked out and sped into the conplex, put my car in park, and started to record the lights. my heart was pumping fast! i was witnessing these lights moving ever so slowly, quietly, they would dim in and out randomly. i witnessed this!!! i have 20/20 vision. when i got my into my car i saw that from the roof of the house to my right two more bright orange orbs were swiftly slowly in the same direction as the others! so i sped to the back of the complex where there’s a soccer field (it’s also very dark there) to better record what the heck i was seeing! when i was recording the two lights that appeared another last orb appeared, as they drifted to my far left they disappeared. i called both my husband and sister to tell them what just happened. as i was telling my sister, another orb appeared but it seemed it was on fire but it was going up and down. it was very bright! i witnessed it disappear as well. they all seemed to have a flight path. i recorded about five minutes worth of this. i know planes blink, i look up at the night sky almost every day, this was not a usually night of me star gazing. this was very different. please look into this!!!!!

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Credit: MUFON

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