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Friday, January 25, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Round Rock, Texas on 2019-01-24 22:40:00 - Approx50-min_3 witnesses-video_6 + craft_they played "trading places and hover"

I went outside to take something off the front porch and noticed a very bright light in the sky - much to bright to be a star. i thought it was a plane. i did a few things and looked up, it was still there and hadn't moved and another craft had joined it. the crafts started moving, the new craft took the other's place in the sky and the old craft shot off like something in the movies. i sat and watched for about 5 minutes, and it didn't move. it would get super bright, then shrink down to almost a tiny speck of light, then rapidly get super bright, brighter than any plane - and it bobbled in place. i had time to go in, tell my family, and have them come outside and watch for a while. then the craft left. we went inside. five minutes later, i looked outside and the craft was back. my family and i went outside and watched. for over 30 minutes, we watched crafts hover in one spot, getting brighter and darker, wobbling - they looked almost like diamonds. a craft would hover for about 5 minutes, then "pop", out of no where, another craft would instantly appear off to the side of the craft that was hovering. the craft that had been hovering in place, would start to move towards the south, and the newly appeared craft would take it's place ~ then hover for about 5 minutes. then, "pop" another craft would appear out of no where, and they would do the exact same thing. the one hovering would start to move towards the south and the "newly arrived" one would take it's place. we watched them do this 5 times - and saw at least 7 crafts. after about 30 minutes, we heard what sounded like helicopters or odd sounding planes over us, however we did not see anything there. they sounded very close overhead, they were not small craft or commercial sounding. there was more than one and it sounded like they were heading towards where the craft was hovering. about the time we heard the helicopters/planes, the craft began moving towards the south and no new craft appeared. as it moved towards the south it sped up and then went extremely fast, much faster than any aircraft we have seen. but, it wasn't lightening fast like the first craft that shot off when i first saw the crafts.

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Credit: MUFON

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