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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Waynesboro, Georgia on 2019-01-16 18:50:00 - First sighting, orange diamond, houvered then dissapeared and reappeard instantly changing shapes to silinder and octagona.

i was traveling west towards the waynesboro,ga wal-mart from hwy 56 which is approximately 3 miles or so drive where i was coming from at approximately 6:45 p.M. eastern time. i noticed in the western sky approximately 30 deg above ground an orange object that looked like a diamond it appeared to be miles away and very small, i first thought it was the space station, venus or some other star or planet. though it did look a bit larger than seeing them before. i saw it for 3 or 4 seconds then it disappeared; my thoughts were possibly the clouds blocked it from sight and didn’t think anything about it. several seconds latter i saw it re appear and looked to be very large, bright and orange. as i drove closer to it 3 more appeared next to it and what seemed to be some kind of formation. i was at an awe of what i was looking at and a bit freeked by my observation. i had seen articles like this on u tube and tv but never in real life. the objects were very bright, orange and elongated. the best way i can describe it size would be two school busses end to end and 2 school busses wide the size of each one. the distance from where i was seeing these were approximately 300 yds. or so. (note): there were approximately 8 to 12 other vehicles at the wal-mart red light facing west that had to have seen these objects. the traffic was stopped, no one was moving in any direction. as i set there the 2 out side objects one facing south the other facing the north disappeared, re appearing in a different form and location in a blink or so of an eye, the color of the objects were a light blue to purple and formed a more definite shape, octagon looking at top and bottom with a cylinder shape connecting both ends and light orang color around the perimeter of the 2 objects. they flashed like this 2 at a time for several seconds before forming back up to some sort of formation and rotating in what looked to be a counter clockwise movement. this all took place approximately 30 seconds or so. they then vanished, i pulled into the wal-mart parking lot and looked for several minutes hoping they would re appear. no luck and i had my phone out at that time. after talking with my nephew it was evident they were moving north towards augusta. he saw them at 7:00 but saw 8 units that lasted for 30 seconds.

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Credit: MUFON

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