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Thursday, January 24, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Massachusetts on 1980-12-25 00:00:00 - Important rendelshem forest incident information

The united states has & has had sattelites orbiting our planet for many years; including 1980. . u.S intelligence communities have access to these sattelites, they have access to advanced laser technology that can reach the surface of earth. these people in the intelligence commuities have several uses for sattelites. 1.) they are able to visually see you from their computer; along with the rest of the citizens of the united states. on that night in 1980, they could visually see you. 2.) this one is a whopper, & 100% true. i know it is. the intelligence community has mind control technology. yup, mind control technology. - how does the mind control technology work? specialized software are programmed on their computer systems. binary command's ( 1's & 0's ) are sent to a satteite, the binary commands are relayed via sattelite using a laser straight into your brain. i used to be an i.T engineer. in binary, a 1 represents electricity on , a 0 represents electricity off. these 1's & 0's are packaged together to make programs. the human brain processes information from electrical impulses & messages received by the brain. 3.) why a laser ? a laser has the capability to travel into space & reach the sattelite without the signal dissipating (signal loss). a laser is also thin enough to access regions of your brain that process information. i.E , a small region of the brain processes vision (eye sight) , another region of your brain processes speech. that night in 1980 , binary language computer commands were downloaded into your brain ( 1's & 0's) staright into your brain's "mind's eye" by inelligence peple; not aliens or that ufo. - the symbols you saw on the intelligence communities ufo is a language that i recognized. that language is cryptology; encryption. nothing more 4.) wireless elcricity was invented 100 years ago by nikolai tesla. when he died, the f.B.I swooped in & took his wireless electricity blue print. wireless electricity has been around for almost 100 years; kept secret by the people who stole the blueprints in the 1940's 5.) the ufo encountered. not aliens. here is your answer: remote controlled via sattelite by the intellegence people. how did it vanish so quickly & not make any sound. the u.F.O you encountered in 1980 was controlled by a laser mixed with fiber optic technology. how fast does a fiber optic signal travel ? it travels at the speed of light. - where did this u.F.O go ? it went to space out of sight, then was sent (landed) at a restricted sight. - people did this sargeant penniston; not aliens . - these technologies are of this earth; all of it. didn't come from aliens. - this also explains other u.F.O sightings. they hover in mid air, never make any noise, & make maneuvers conventional aircraft cannot perform. these maneuvers are performed by remote controlled satellite technology.. how do i know about the mind control technology ? its been used on me for the last 10 years. being an i.T engineer, i was able to figure out how the technology works 1.) agents are sitting behind their computers and can visually see all of us via sattelite technology. they can even see all of inside our own homes 2.) when they started using the mind technology on me , i was able to figure out if they use satellites to constantly watch & harass me, a laser has the length to reach into a persons brain via sattelite without the laser signal dissipating. a laser can be made thin enough to be aimed into specific regions of the brain. when a computer program is written, when it gets sent for transmission, it always is sent as 1's & 0's . wrapped up all together, these 1's & 0's are actually computer commands. i was able to deduce, this is how these individuals were using their twisted mind control on me. one last thing, all of the reports that people report of missing time during a u.F.O sighting is attributted to the mind control technology. the people using this tecnolgy have knocked me clean out. i have experienced missing time. why does everyone's car turn off during a u.F.O sighting ? refer to the 100 year old wireless electricity technology mentioned earlier in this email. - the individuals who have access to the sattelites simply turn the persons car off,

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Credit: MUFON

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