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Thursday, January 3, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Crescent, Oregon on 2018-12-31 22:06:00 - 3 red objects near diamond peak oregon on 31 december 2018

My family and i traveled to our family cabin near willamette pass oregon to celebrate new year's together on 28 december 2018. our family cabin is located near hwy 58 about 10 miles east of willamette pass near the town of crescent lake. on new year's eve, my father-in-law and i were outside on the porch of the cabin looking southwest towards diamond peak sitting next to a fire and enjoying ourselves with a traditional beverage to celebrate the evening. the evening was growing colder with temperatures already near 25f on a clear and cold evening that provided a great viewing of the evening sky. we had witnessed a few shooting stars, passing satellites and were expecting to see some legal and illegal fireworks later in the evening. i previously noticed a bright red object out of the corner of my eye about 45 degrees above the horizon between 9-10pm, but thought nothing of it as i assumed it was early fireworks. at 10:06pm, my father-in-law made the comment at the same time stating "that's the same red dot i saw earlier that stopped moving and disappeared". this was the same moment that i noticed it's color, it was bright red, much more red than mars, larger in size than the stars in the night sky and had a strange reddish glow coming from it. the object did not move straight and was suddenly joined by a second and third object of similar nature. the first two objects appeared out of nowhere within the middle of the sky, while the third object appeared to come up from below the horizon from the southwest and got closer to the other two. my father-in-law and i both witnessed this and then he called for his wife and his daughter (my wife) to join us outside and see what we were seeing. they came out towards the end of the event but did see the objects before they just disappeared. i noticed that i could still see the night sky and stars between all three, meaning that i was looking at three different objects and not one large object. each object appeared to move independent of each other, but at one point they did appear to be in a synchronized flight path. they appeared to move forward towards us, stop, move backwards, move left (south) and then move backwards again until the lights flickered at first and then went out on each object. the first object that was closest to us appeared to have what looked like a multi-celled red light while the others that were farther away looked like it was a uniform red light and glow. my experience with aviation tells me that these objects were flying at an altitude of 10,000 feet and higher, thereby eliminating most types of aircraft that can perform similar types of maneuvers. i also ruled out fireworks as they would not act or perform of this nature. my father-in-law thought it might be drones, but due to the altitude and faa regulations for recreational drones, they would not be legal to fly at this height (to my knowledge). my father-in-law and i discussed military aircraft, but oregon does not have a military presence like some states and one would have to wonder what purpose or value a military training exercise would have on new year's eve over the middle of the oregon cascades within a non-military training area? something of this scale would likely have been communicated in advance with an explanation and purpose of the training. to our knowledge there was no communication regarding a military training event for the evening. my initial feeling to seeing the three objects was confusion and some excitement that we might be seeing real ufo's. after they disappeared, we didn't see the objects again at midnight when illegal fireworks did appear. in the end, we don't have any rational explanation for what we did see and are left believing that we witnessed and recorded a ufo event.

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Credit: MUFON

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