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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Snowflake, Arizona on 2018-12-31 21:00:00 - Alien creatures that are invisible to the naked eye yet can be seen on camera screen and captured in videos

last night on 12/31/2018 i went outside on the back deck. as i stood there looking around something caught the corner of my eye. i was sure i'd seen something moving on the wood pile, about 3 yards from me. i ran back inside and grabbed my camera. i started recording the wood pile. strangely when i looked at the wood pile i saw nothing moving but while recording the pile i looked at the camera screen i saw small alien creatures that began to put a white foamy looking substance all over their little bodies, possibly to hide from me i figured. i looked back and forth from the wood pile to the camera screen but i didn't see any small creature on the wood pile that i was seeing on the camera screen.. if you look closely at these new video's sent with this report, you can see that some of these small alien's are standing on their two back feet while they use their front paws/hands? to 'pack' this foamy white substance on themselves and on other alien creature that's close to itself, like a mother hiding her babies with the white stuff in order to protect them from being seen of course a person may first question if these alien creature's are mice, rats, chipmunks, etc and may also question if the white foamy substance is snow. the evidence from the video that i took of these alien's proves that the creature's are not known on this planet earth, simply because from the looks of one of them it can be observed that it's standing on its back feet and using its front paws like hands in which to cover itself and possibly it's baby. now this one creature i'm referring to has a small body shaped like a gorilla. if you look carefully one can see what i've described. also about the white foamy substance, i recorded a video back approx. two months ago. in this particular video, i remembered that i observed this same white substance and was so surprised to see creatures on two back feet and what seemed to me they were directing the white substance to their spacecraft and then a netting like a web began covering their craft. i never saw this activity with the naked eye but when i viewed the video i saw it. i had begun recording our front yard because like the video's of the wood pile, i thought that i saw something from the corner of my eye move and that's the reason i recorded it. so i began to recognize almost the same activity from the video that i recorded in our front yard. some may understand my surprise when i first saw the video of the front yard where small alien creatures were grabbing white foamy looking stuff that seemed to be pouring out from underneath a slab of concrete in the yard. there wasn't any snow at all at that time. therefore the evidence from this earlier date proves that this strange substance is not snow. in these video's it was recorded showing that the white substance was not only being applied on these creature small bodies but was somehow being made/or spun into a type of covering that looked a bit like web/spider web, and it can also be seen in some of the videos i recorded of these alien creature in both the front and back yard at our home. in fact i had shown it to the 2 investigator's who had come out to our house that one time. so now, once again i'm alone with more questions. why is it i can't see them with the naked eye but when i record them i see them on the camera screen and also i'm able to capture them in the video's. i wish that i could know how to obtain the white stuff so to make myself invisible. especially if i'm being watched dress and undress. how do they have the ability to be unseen except in the camera and video?? are these aliens capable of altering my eyesight or my mind so i can not see them with the naked eye?? what do i do?? who knows what is really going on???? who can i talk to about this?? should this be investigated?? is this why that in 1 year my eyesight has gotten quite a bit worse? if so, who gave them the right to do this to me and maybe other too are like me, suffering from bad eyesight possibly because of these aliens? what's going on?? are mad scientist's underground close by at dulce base nm creating creatures that are unknown? if so, is this legal? is this ethical? is this why i can see animal humanoids in groups nearby our house who seem to appear as though they are looking down at the ground in order to be part of a top secret project to build underground tunnels from dulce base nm and other areas?? i want answers !!! i need help with all this activity going on here on our private property. so i ask mufon members to team up with me and investigate along side of me in order to find answers and finally make it known worldwide. we need to let this world of human's know what is going on, and possibly using our tax dollars to do whatever is going on !! i will surely be outraged if we the people for the people are being taxed without representation! i'm already outraged that something on our property is being hidden from us, we the people!! these alien's have showed me that our military is involved. i'm not sure why they've chosen to show me all this and maybe they're showing others the same thing that i'm seeing. could it be that these alien's understand how troubling it is for me, and maybe others that want answers. we are the government in the usa and we deserve to know the truth!! i myself and i'm sure there are other people too, who demand the truth!..... but who do i demand it too? i will not report this to the authorities on my own for fear of what they may do to me. i'm hoping and praying that i can get some support so i don't go at this situation alone. we need to team up!!! but how do we team up? what's the best way to team up to work together to find the truth about what's going on in front of our nose!! .

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Credit: MUFON

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