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Friday, January 18, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Chisholm, Minnesota on 2019-01-17 21:45:00 - Bright yellow pulsating lights viewed.

01/17/19, my wife and i went to sit in our hottub at 2130hrs, we see planes, meteors, satelites, and we have even seen the international space station. so we know what all of these things look like in both the night and day sky. the night is cold -13f and clear, not a cloud in the sky. the northern lights are also out tonight. we frequently hear and see the 148th fighter wing, military jets on training drills over our home, both nightime and during the day. tonight, we see and hear what believe is the 148th fighter wing division, located in duluth mn, on training exercises. we hear jet engines, multipe jet engines, and see the jets blinking lights in the ne direction. soon thereafter approx:10-15 minutes later, the jets now gone, not being able to see or hear them, we viewed a large bright yellow light pulsate 2 times, the whole encounter lasted 10 seconds. we viewed the light at approx 30-35 degree from land, and estimated the light to be approx 2-3 miles from our location.Ne. the altitude of the light was approx 5000 ft. after the sighting, we heard the jets back in the area, and could see them in the distance, further away from where the light appeared, and lower on the horizon. we discussed what we had viewed, and were both scared and excited by what was just witnessed. after my wife and i got out of the hot tub the jet activity continued in the area. i went inside got dressed, and went to close the hot tub cover, when i looked up outside, in the ne direction slightly more east now, i viewed numerous white flashing lights, almost sparkler type activity from 10 different sources, it lasted approx: 10-15 seconds, then disappeared. i heard the fighter jets, again, and went inside to get my phone to video tape what i was seeeing. by the time i grabbed my phone, the lights were gone, but i could still hear the jets. no sound was heard when we/i viewed the lights, we never saw the lights move left/right, up/down, no craft was visible. i cannot begin to think of what we witnessed, my wife and i had never seen anything like this before.

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Credit: MUFON

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