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Sunday, January 27, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Arlington, Texas on 2019-01-27 14:00:00 - Have photos please contact.

1/27/19 approximately 2:00 pm, i was in our family tree house. i was looking skyward into a clear blue sky, about 20 degrees straight up, not a cloud in the sky. then i saw server white objects at what i guessed to be 15-20k ft. altitude. as i am located near a major us airport (dfw) i knew the objects to be well above commercial aircraft approach corridors. and i thought it well above any bird’s flight. i noticed what looked like 4 birds relatively close together. they were white objects that soon glinted from the sun light reflection and i knew they were metallic in construction. i served in the military in an aviation compasity so i knew these were aircraft. 3 of the crafts held a fixed position in a triangular formation that did not seem connected, but they did seem to rotate together in the triangle formation while the 4th craft slowly arched around the formation. as i stared at them for 8-12 seconds they eventually dematerialized simultaneously. i watched the area nearly unblinking for 10 minutes and saw nothing further. my daughter’s cousin had a similar experience on dec. 1. she lives approx. 5 miles from our house. the experience was near identical and she took 3 photos with her phone. when i saw these photos i was shocked as they could have been actual photos of my experience that day. one of the photos actually shows a saucer craft.

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Credit: MUFON

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