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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Borden, Ontario on 2013-01-30 23:40:00 - Stationary star starts to move fast then nose dives and a huge plane flys right over top.

Edited for more info. i was driving south. at 10:40 to work with a co-worker. traveling south on hwy 10 which runs around base borden and all the way to alliston. i was 2km back from baxter(planning to turn right) as i was driving, the moon was bright so i moved my head to the left to keep it in my blind spot. there was a star now in the place where the moon was. it was just slightly to the left(if i were looking straight ahead. i thought nothing of this as it was just star. i then turned right and traveled a few min and turned left onto countyrd 15. traveling south again. i put the moon in my blind spot and the star was still there. a few min later i noticed it moving as it was getting closer to my blind spot. i then shouted to my co-worker "look at that. is that moving" he looks up and i moved my head to the right bringing the moon back into view. we both watched this star move accelerate towards the moon. almost as if it were about to hit the moon it pulled up and went over the moon and into a nose dive straight to the ground(moving fast now) it levels out at maybe 100-200ft in altitude. at this point it was really close amd flying super slow. it looked to me like it was really far away at the beginning then all of a sudden its flying overtop of us. i was able to slow down and pop my head out the window for a bit to get a pretty good look at it. considering it was night time i got lucky because it was so close to the ground. it was a huge plane with no engines on it. just one wing light and one near the front. the wings were angled back and not straight out. it made absolutely zero noise. my car was barely moving at this point and windows down and i herd nothing. just silence flying by. ng down trying to get a good look at it. it was flying directly towards base borden. either it was a fly by or they have an underground airstrip. the airstrip their is wayy to small for that size of a plane to land and would have been on a 45° to him anyways. like this thing looked like it was coming in for a landing. ive seen lots of planes, jets' gliders, prop planes and helicopters but nothing like this.

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Credit: MUFON

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