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Saturday, January 26, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Brewster Fl, Florida on 2014-06-18 19:30:00 - Driving north on hwy 37 observed large bright light. continued driving in northerly direction until i drove almost directly under the object.

I was driving home from work on state road 37 in southern polk co fl traveling north at about 8:00 pm on june 18 2014.I was familiar with this highway and had been using it daily at the time.This area is sparsely populated and in the mosaic mining area. i observed a large bright white light off in the distance to the north in the direction i was traveling.The light was not blinking but was periodically obscured by trees.It remained in the sky very large and bright. after traveling approximately 6 to 8 miles and the light drawing closer, soon i could not believe what i was looking at. i was frightened but slowed down to get a good look.I drove almost right under this thing.There was a light rain, it was dusk and all i could see clearly were the bright lights,not the craft itself due to the brightness and time of day. i can only guess the size to be circular at least 100 ft in diameter with 4 concentric pairs of white lights creating a double ring shape on the underside. on what appeared to be the rear of the craft were 4 long very thin tapering triangular red lights each approximately 100 ft long.These red lights appeared to be two lower and two upper lights trailing off the rear of the craft.I am guessing it to be maybe 1000 ft from the ground.No lights were blinking during the entire observation.To my knowledge faa regulations require aircraft to have blinking lights. i was 63 years old at the time and have never seen anything remotely close to what i saw that night. i could kick myself for not pulling over to take pictures with my cellphone but there were 2 other vehicles not far behind me and the shoulders of the road were too sloped. these other travelers must have seen what i saw.The red lights looked like 4 tail lights after i had passed by. i watched it through my side and rear view mirror until it was out of view. it never moved. i have told only a few close friends about my experience. i wanted to contact mufon sooner but never did till now.I think about it all the time.I had always wanted to see a ufo and on that night i believe i did.

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Credit: MUFON

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