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Sunday, January 20, 2019

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Alien Encounter in Toronto, Ontario on 2018-11-14 00:00:00 - I woke abruptly and found a triangular shape left on my hand

I woke abruptly and found a triangular shape left on my hand. i was sleeping in a deep sleep. i woke up. my arm was stretched out and i found this marking on my hand. i have done some research and it all points to alien abduction and or some kind of intervention or interaction. i was asleep and do not remember seeing any extraterrestrial. however, i have seen many in the beaches area of toronto and had one come into my apartment about two years ago. grey skin. tall, and semi cloaked. all i could see were the ankles. the electric heaters started to act funky and blink off and on. then i was injected and fought to stay awake. i fought to stay awake and i never saw anything after. i do not know how long it stayed in my apartment because it was quiet and cloaked somehow. i also saw a hovering object with two toronto police officers above the water treatment plant in the beaches toronto. the craft looked older and beat up with dents in it. all three of us had a majestic, calm feeling wash over us. we all turned around at the same time to converse and when we turned around it was gone. i regret not taking a picture. this was like at 6am. i have also found ginormous footsteps in the beaches on the sand which i have photos of after one night and encountering another extraterrestrial. the footstep was large. i was being chased the night before. i ran up the stairs on munro park to get to my apartment. and then i heard a large rock over 40cm in length being thrown my way. i knew the being was over 7 ft and extremely strong. i was there that night to watch the meteor shower. my friends left and stayed behind. when i stayed behind, it was trying to talk to me from the bushes it was hiding behind. then i took off and ran. it was only me, the lake and some houses. so i decided to sprint and high tail it. i have also seen cone head shaped aliens as well at night in the beaches.

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Credit: MUFON

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