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Sunday, January 6, 2019

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UFO Sighting in McLoud, Oklahoma on 2019-01-06 05:00:00 - Two bright lights exhibiting strange movement where venus should be

I was in the kitchen making coffee and happened to look out our back window which faces due east. i saw a very bright light that split into two lights! i would have thought this were venus until it split in two, so i woke up my husband. we went out to the back deck and we both saw two separate lights, one above the other. at this time the lights were one directly above the other abd the lower light slowly descended below the tree line then ascended while the higher light hovered. the lights joined up to close proximity to each other. then the two lights orbited each other. this was followed by the lights moving in various directions and small movements. at one point a dome became barely visible as though it became illuminated by one of the lights. at times, the lights dimmed and joined and then would separate again. my husband tried to take video with a cell phone but the camera was in picture mode and this set off the flash several times. at this point the lights dimmed but then started moving around each other again. during the 30 minutes we observed all of this the lights spent the majority of the time as two separate lights one above the other. when viewed through binoculars we could see that there were definitely two lights with some separation from each other. after approximately 30 minutes the lights stopped moving and it appeared we were looking at venus. note that venus was not visible during sighting. it has now been 90 minutes since i first saw the lights and all we can see in that area now is venus in its normal position in the night sky. my husband took a bearing and it never changed from 120 degrees, except for 3-4 degrees when the lights were apart. most of this was observed at an elevation of about 25 degrees above the horizon. throughout, we kept asking ourselves, "what is this?" due to the strange way the two lights were were moving around. we did not experience any other feelings or reactions. at this time all we can see is venus in its normal position.

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Credit: MUFON

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