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Friday, January 4, 2019

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Merrimac, Wisconsin on 1968-06-06 13:09:00 - In bed. a noise increases in my brain..I panic..Flee with infant child in car.. car as we accelerate..Stops.. something with lights is behind us. then car just starts itself. i realize then that a couple hours have passed which seemed like only seconds.

I live in the country on a large hill just outside merrimac wisconsin and along the wisconsin river. it's late at night. i'm asleep and woken by a loud unfamiliar noise that keeps increasing to extreme intensity. i begin to realize it is penetrating my brain.. i freeze in position..But feel a chill going up my spine. panicking...I jump up and turn on every light inside and outside the house. my dog seems undisturbed strangely...Nor does my infant daughter seem impacted. my car is just outside the kitchen door. i grab my child..Rush to the car and toss her on front seat...So frightened i leave my beloved dog behind. i back car down driveway...Turn onto road and race to get away...Afraid to look anywhere.. just wanted escape...I go some distance and feel i am now safe...So look in rear-view mirror.. right behind me is an object with bright lights.. red and white ones, they were flashing ..And i am not hitting the brakes!! it is following me closely at high rate of speed. suddenly the car stops. i'm in fear and disbelief. then, just as suddenly, it starts again. i rush to an in-laws home...Let myself in, find i'm holding daughter upside down..I'm so scared. but go lay on their couch..So not to waken anyone. but am detected and questioned why i am there...I tell the truth..And then discover a couple hours have gone by since i left my house and they only lived 10 minutes from me.I lost time probably between the time the car stopped till it started again. to my amazement they believe me and say it was probably a ufo...They are seen often around here. generally in baraboo bluffs or over the wisconsin river. we'll go back in morning and look around to see if we can find anything. the dog was still there..Nothing unusual was found. but a few weeks later..I am taking a baby sitter home at night.. and as we crest a hill..Way up in sky there is this huge glowing orange sphere! unbelievably big..Even at that height..Orange and with like white vapor surrounding it..Mostly on bottom half. we both see it.In a clear sky..And then suddenly.. it's gone. i didn't want to scare her so didn't mention i saw it till the next day...And that's when she said she saw it too. i have heard that rh negative plays a role..And i am that also. but have no recall of time that lapsed between stop/start of car. also a few weeks later looking out house window i see a bright light in sky..Moving up and down in a cross position repeatedly. very far away..No plane i know of can do that. i've had no encounters since then,that i know of..But have a fear of walking at night.

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Credit: MUFON

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