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Sunday, January 27, 2019

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UFO Sighting in San Jacinto, California on 2017-11-05 15:11:00 - I was visited and possibly taken by an insect being. multiple siteings, bright light scans +more

On november 5 2017 i had a very intence day. ive been wanting to talk about this ,but who do i talk to??? so i thought to turn to you people, who believe in this. i had an encounter!For most of my life i've had sleep paralysis. i've always fought it and go running out of my room when im able to move again. on nov 5 i put my daughterdown for a nap. i wanted to take one too it was 3pm . i tossed for a bit kept looking at the baby monitor (it has the time on it). it was 3:11 when i closed my eyes. i felt the sleep paralysis start to happen, my ears buzz and my body tingles... now i start to go with it. this is were it gets weird .. i feel that im moving faster then i ever felt b4. next thing i know i'm in space. lol i know wtf?! i saw the moon ,mars im speeding by planets! then i enter a blue tube i guess u can call it a worm hole. i see the outside of it , its translucent blueish in color. i see stars speeding by me at incredible speed , then i stop. i'm now right in front of this beautiful planet .Its zebra striped weather patterns with turquoise and purple colors . i'm now under it while it spins slowly ,it was amazing!! i remember it perfectly! then i take off in another wormhole! i see interjunctions where the wormholes meet its incredible!It was like a highway. but then i freak out and started to say i'm too far! my baby is home i need to get back. next thing i know i'm falling in my body. when i open my eyes there's a being standing over me. it was tall skinny legs and arms its face was something i haven't seen on the internet. it had eye's like an insect ,not going to the side like the greys. but down sort of like a tear drop. it's head was skinny and its mouth had lil tentacles hanging down. it's shoulders were wide. it's color was deep green.It had a suit on so it looked like it had shoulder pads on. i tried to get up but it reached down at me and touched my forehead. i blacked out when i open my eyes it was gone. (i remember telling it i wasn't scared and don't take me because my daughter would be alone. i said this in my mind). when i looked at the monitor it was 3:20 only 9 min had passed. i couldn't sleep for a while i kept seeing it in my head. i still keep thinking about the whole experience. but since then things have and still go on. my daughter is now experiencing this . shes 3 but since my encounter she has been weirdly infatuated with spiderman. she tells me spiderman is in her closet. i just put this together recently because the insect being eyes look alot like spiderman. just 3 nites ago she told me he was in there and was very tall with long legs. my house has been scanned with a very bright white light that cancelled out my living room lights. plus i have a small mountain in my backyard with more mountains behind that. this light came from my backyard. i also reported a ufo to you guys on mother's day 2018. then there was the very very loud clicking sound from my bedroom window.I went to the window and heard something move away. my dog keeps growling at nothing. i have also just found out my lost family that i have very recently got in touch with are experiencing the same things. it feels good to talk about it.

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Credit: MUFON

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