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Thursday, January 24, 2019

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Alien Encounter in Los Angeles, California on 1996-03-09 03:00:00 - I woke to find 3 beings standing at the foot of my bed

This happened to me about 25 years ago. i’m sharing my story now because a friend of mine told the exact same story, as it happened to him, down to the way he felt during the experience. if the two of us experienced the exact same thing, it lends to the possibility that is a repeating phenomenon. i’m hoping to find other stories that are similar and perhaps that will help me to find some answers. i remember distinctly that it was the night i went to the prom with my ex-boyfriend, alex... the night before (or more realistically, the morning of) my sats. i woke in the middle of the night to find 3 “people” standing at the foot of my bed in sort of a triangle formation, one in the front and two behind. as i was coming out of my sleepy haze, i tried to focus on the one in front and called out, “alex?”, thinking for a moment that i was still with him and our other friends. once i achieved clarity, i realized that alex was not in the room with me and these are not quite people. they were shaped like people and they were close in size but there was something not human about them. it felt like something was preventing me from seeing their true faces. the closest way i can think of to describe why i couldn’t make out their faces is to say that they were either too bright or their faces kept changing or it was sort of a combination of the two... technically it wasn’t either of the two but it was such a strange phenomenon that i can’t put it into words. it felt like my brain couldn’t process the information it was receiving from my eyes. i was sitting up in bed, totally awake, looking at these beings and kind of analyzing my response to their presence. it seemed like they were just watching me. it felt somehow familiar. i was not afraid... and that was confusing to me, even in that moment. i felt somewhat ok about them being there. my subconscious seemed to recognize them as a normal part of the scenery and therefore their presence didn’t set off any alarms. logic still told me that this was not normal and i should be very upset about this apparent intrusion. i was curious as to why i felt no fear of these 3 unrecognizable human-like brings inside my room in the middle of the night. the one in front was entirely focused on me. the other two were watching me it seemed but i didn’t feel the same level of focused energy from them. i greeted them by saying hello and stared at them with some confusion, hoping that they would tell me what they wanted. they said nothing. they just stared back (or that was my perception of it since i had this mental block preventing me from knowing for sure what they were looking at). i decided to test myself to make sure i was awake. to be clear, i knew i was awake but i was in a situation that felt so logically unreal, i thought i’d better just make sure. i got out of bed and went to the bathroom. the 3 beings stayed there at the foot of my bed and glancing back, it looked (or felt) like they were keeping their attention on me as i walked out of the room. they did not follow me into the bathroom. my time in the bathroom was normal and assured me that i was most definitely awake. the next part of this memory got a bit confused over the years but i’m pretty sure that when i returned to my room, they were no longer there so i got back into bed and went to sleep. at least that’s how i always ended the story when i told someone or replayed it in my head as i tried to work out a logical explanation for it. i do remember walking back into my room with my eyes aimed down at the floor, kind of trying to look natural but deliberately avoiding looking up to see them again. then i got back into bed and closed my eyes. the end of the memory was always a little fuzzy but i think i was starting to grow more concerned about the situation as i walked back in from the bathroom. i originally tried to write this off as some very realistic hallucination but 15 years later, when my friend told me his story of an experience just like this, i thought it was too similar to be a coincidence. the 3 beings standing in the same formation at the foot of his bed. the way they “looked” and why it was impossible to see them for what they were. the way he felt as it was happening; no fear but a kind of conscious logical objection to his own reaction. does this story fit a pattern? have you received any reports from people who have had experiences with 3 beings like this?

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Credit: MUFON

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