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Friday, January 4, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Clovis, New Mexico on 2019-01-04 19:30:00 - Stationary lights forming trapezoid

My husband noticed something outside our backdoor in the sky and went to our closet to get our binoculars (2 pairs - one with night vision). he spent about twenty to thirty minutes before coming to tell me that it looked like there was a ufo outside. i followed him out to the backyard and looked where he pointed and i pointed out that it was not alone but that there were three others that were spaced equidistance apart forming a trapezoid and then i looked towards the west in the area where i had previously seen a ufo and spotted a fifth in approximately the same area where i had seen the pervious one. while we were observing these objects, we noticed two different airplanes flying towards and around the objects and as i tracked one of the airplanes i noticed a sixth flashing orb in a diagonal from the one towards the west. as the planes approached these objects their red beacon lights (safety lights) mysteriously shut off until they were away from them and when the plane i was tracking came near the one towards the ne, its lights mysteriously shut off again. the planes appeared to be trying to circle around the objects but kept losing their lights and would then suddenly appear in an area away from the objects but still within the area. since beginning this report, the objects are still in the sky in the same places flashing in the same sequence of colors: white to red to yellow to blue to green to white. the flashing sequence begins with one of the objects but is then followed by each object in order. my husband just went outside to look out front spotted another. once i joined him, i spotted another trapezoid of four lights with a fifth light moving slowly between two of the other lights. we spotted two more planes, but this time, the planes avoided the lights, which were lower towards the horizon than the ones we saw out back, but their lights still went out. as we watched the trapezoid out front, two of the lights moved to where three were in a line almost like orion's belt (but south of that constellation) with the fourth to the west and the fifth light completely vanished.

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Credit: MUFON

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