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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Birmingham, Alabama on 2019-01-30 18:00:00 - Very bright light, larger brighter than any star, would pass near raf cosford. also near to airliner path, also to small red lights, possible helicopters, maybe investigating.

I was putting out the refuse, for collection the next day. i looked up at the sky, as snow had been forcast. i noticed what i initially thought were two stars, but one seemed bigger & brighter, & as the distance between them increased, i realised the bigger, brighter one was moving. although it was off in the distance, i could clearly see it coming from the west/south west directon, heading east north/east. i observed it for about two minutes. it was at a constant altitude, but was below the cloud, & sometimes just in the cloud & still visible. directly above our house is a main flight path, for commercial air liners, passing roughly north/west, heading south/east. in fact i saw an airliner passing over, heading towards birmingham directon , about half way through my sighting. i could clearly see the airliner, as there was a large clearing in the cloud. so the bright light i saw crossed behind the air liner's flight path, but at a slightly lower altitude, about 30 seconds after it passed over our house. i observed the bright light for about another 30 seconds, until it entered thick cloud. but i could still see the air liner, heading south/east. at this point i saw two small red lights, like navigaion lights, passing to the rear of the air liner's flight path, from approximatly, north/east heading south/west, possibly helicopters. i would assume the air liner would also have observed, the bright light i saw.

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Credit: MUFON

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