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Sunday, January 27, 2019

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Black Triangle Sighting in Satellite Beach, Florida on 2009-03-14 21:30:00 - Noticed 5 orange lights far in distance.Came directly overhead and continued south.Was solid object.Stars disappeared behind it.Huge.No sound.

Was on back porch laying down on chaise lounge talking to my son on the phone.I noticed 5 orange lights approx.5 miles to the north heading in upward direction..Very noticeable in the night sky.Thought they were flares at patrick air base north of me.I realized that these lights were actually moving along the earths curvature towards me..As they got closer,i realized that it was a solid object as the background stars were disappearing behind it.I was on the phone with my son during entire event describing in detail to him what i was seeing..The triangle shape was about 2000'up,it was huge..It made no noise...I would guess it was as big as 20 jumbo jets..I lived about 6 miles from air base..I know my planes..Have never seen anything like this...It flew directly over my neighborhood and veered southeast out toward the ocean.This lasted about 15-17 minutes...The color of the lights...Deep orange,positioned around perimeter of triangle were unique..I remained on the phone with my son the whole time...Describing in detail...He lives in new hampshire...

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Credit: MUFON

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