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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Malton, England on 2019-01-14 18:30:00 - Multiple red lights seen travelling southwards over octon, east yorkshire

Last night at around 6.30pm, my partner and i were travelling back from filey (been to the vets, had the cat in the car with us) and had just driven through the village of wold newton, travelling onto butt lane that meets with the b1249 at foxholes. the sky was relatively clear, only the odd cloud around and orion was visible out of the left window in the south. yesterday was a busy day for aircraft both domestic and military. for hours during the afternoon typhoon jets were active in the area and were still about when we walked out of the vets in filey at 6.15pm. about halfway up butt lane i spotted out of the window 3 bright red lights in a large triangle formation. as i watched 3 became 5 and i said 'what the hell is that?' to my partner. the lights moved in a deliberate manner; they snaked in the sky and moved in an unbelievable fashion. my partner stopped the car and got out to watch this display. at one point there were 7 of these red stars weaving in and around each other whilst travelling in a southwards direction towards the bridlington area. so, from where we parked these objects where 35 degrees high and we were watching looking towards the village of octon but i'd suggest they were beyond there. my partner and i do have an interest in the subject and have witnessed other incidents over the years. i have previously submitted two sighting on uk-ufo in 2009 and 2012 whilst living in lincolnshire but it doesn't seem to be updated as often as it used to. this sighting was truly amazing and the last thing we wanted to do was stop at the side of the road with a cat in a carrier really cheesed off! we talked about it later on; it seemed a deliberate and elaborate display and it must have been witnessed by a light aircraft that was travelling in ne direction nearby. early december 2018 myself and a friend looked out of my living room window and saw a large red glowing object moving strangely in the same area of sky (i live in weaverthorpe, 5 miles from last nights sighting) and my partner saw it again 3 weeks later blinking on and off, moving around about 25 degrees in the sky. yesterday i searched online for any other incidents and in hull (reported on jan 9th) various sightings of a glowing red object were reported. ( 'more sighting of strange 'glowing red'ufo hovering above hull revealed'.

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Credit: MUFON

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