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Monday, January 28, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Dickson City, Pennsylvania on 2019-01-28 18:40:00 - Observed hovering / stationary orb changing colors and pulsating

i initially observed the object at 18:40 on 1/28/19 while driving home from the hardware store and initially thinking it had to be a plane. i would look up from time to time to see if it was still there and noticed it was stationary and not moving and determined it couldn't be a plane. 7 minutes later i was home in dickson city, pa and noticed it was still in the same spot. i went in to the house and retrieved a pair of binoculars to better observe it. at this time i moved to my front porch and had shut off the outside lights to better observe it. at this time what i observed was an orb that would change colors and pulsate getting brighter and then dim the colors would change from white to red, green, blue and purple. at times it looked like a straight line up and down and others it would look like an orb. i then asked my 18 year old son to come out on to the porch to confirm what i had seen. i didn't tell him what i saw but gave him the general direction and asked if he noticed anything. he confirmed he saw it and then i gave him the binoculars i had and he confirmed the pulsating orb and it dimming and changing colors. we went back inside and i told my wife because we were getting ready to go to my daughters basketball game that was a town over in throop pa. when we pulled out of my driveway i pulled up past some trees and asked my wife if she saw it and she confirmed she did. as drove to the game i would glance up and see it all the way to the game. the last observation i had was at 19:05 as i entered the high school.

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Credit: MUFON

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