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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Seattle, Washington on 2013-02-11 23:00:00 - A lazer-like brick sized light moving across bottom of huge window/then tremendous light into my patio

My encounter with aliens in order to tell my alien encounter story about t five years ago, which has nothing to do with flying objects, i have to give you as brief a description of the layout of my condominium. it is on the ground floor of a 6 floor condominium. my unit is the last unit on the first floor at the extreme end of the first floor. my unit is long and narrow. it is divided into two equal divisions. imagine yourself coming into the right half from the outside corridor. ahead, directly across the entire area of the right half you will see a huge floor to ceiling sliding door type window. beyond that you will see my large patio. this patio is completely surrounded by a waist high iron railing. immediately beyond the railing on all three sides are very high shrubs, very thickly grown together. the shrubs are routinely topped so that they do not interfere with the view of the occupant of the unit above me, considerably up, over and above me. because of the thick bushes, it is next to impossible to access my patio from outside. in short, the patio is a very private area with the sky seen only immediately above the patio, or away up high beyond the tops of the very high-growing shrubs. in summer i set up my outdoor table set and umbrella. next, imagine yourself walking down this right half of my condo toward that window. half way down on your left is a door which gives access to the other half of my condo. enter the door, turn right and look down across this area. there you will see again a huge, sliding door type window and again you will see through the window one half, left half of my patio. (you had seen only the right half of the patio in the right half of the condo.) so, of course there is a thick wall dividing the two halves. my bed is in the left half near the left window. it is laying parallel to the window, so that when i lie there, i can see the left half of the patio through the window. in the right half of this window, in front of the window is my computer. (no curtains on either window) at about 11 p.M. in february of a year, i can’t remember, about five years ago, i was awakened by the realization that there was some sort of light, not a reflection on the wall or ceiling, but a light somewhere that had awakened me. i happened to have been sleeping facing the window. i first looked directly out of the window. it was completely dark outside, impossible to see even the patio. i was quite surprised to see a light away down in the left corner of the window, outside, just above on the floor of the patio there. now, this light was very strange. it was about the size and shape of a brick. it didn’t shine like an ordinary light, although it was quite bright, completely white, making the “brick” a single entirely white object. there was no aura that is associated with any ordinary light bulb or flashlight. it definitely was not the light of a flashlight. there was no reflection on any wall or on the ceiling. i was curious and more so when this ‘brick’ light began to move very slowly along and across the very bottom of the window. outside, of course, it passed behind one leg of my computer stand. it disappeared. it reappeared in the area between the left and right leg, disappeared behind the right left, momentarily appeared and then disappeared as it passed beyond the wall that separated the two divisions of my condo. i was then quite curious. i got out of bed, walked to the connecting door to see if the light was also there at the bottom of the window at right half of my condo. it was there, still slowly moving across the bottom of that window. remember, i was first just standing in the connecting door, looked over and down at the window. i didn’t turn on any lights. the entire condo was pitch black, except for that non-reflecting light. well, i moved into the right half of my condo, so that i was standing half way down toward that high right window. that light kept moving toward the right. i moved a bit closer. i think i was becoming a bit frightened. it was so strange. then as the light moved clear across the bottom of the window and was about to disappear, or so i thought, beyond the left wall of my condo. (which is on the very right end portion of the entire building, so that there are no condos units beyond the right wall.) …..I took a further step toward the window. well, at that very moment of my movement toward the window and just as the light reached the lower portion of the right wall, wow! a tremendous, unbelievable, blinding white light seared up from that ‘brick’ light and illuminated that entire right half of my condo with such brilliance that i remember i could see the small printing on the on the back of a book in my book shelf there. i can’t say that i, myself, was particularly blinded by the light, it was just that everything in the room became so clearly visible, every minute detail! because of that light, i became quite frightened, but at the same time i can’t say why…i sensed that whatever was out there hadn’t realized i was watching, but somehow became aware of my figure in the dark. in short, they were as surprised as i was. well, i am the type of person who has to know what is what. i swear to god it didn’t take me more that three seconds to walk, i didn’t run, i was still scared, to the window, and open it. of course, i looked to the right there, outside. even in the darkness i could see there was absolutely nothing. nothing anywhere on my patio. that, in a way, was more of a shock than seeing that light. if that light had been burglars they would have had to haul a gigantic dynamo through the shrubs and over the railing to have made such a light. it would have been impossible for them to escape so quickly. even if they only had a flashlight (which it certain wasn’t) nobody could possibly have jumped over the railing and escaped off that patio and through that thick under growth in two or even three or four or more minutes without me seeing them, or at least hearing them fight their way through the undergrowth. to me, the only answer is that they were really aliens. out there on the patio which was too dark at that time to see anything through the windows except that light, there must have been some sort of ship, evidently small to fit on my patio, or maybe hovering over the patio, for them to make their houdini escape. if they were aliens, then that would be no problem. we all have read of how quickly they move. and they certainly have advanced beyond dynamos. i am not a technician type person at all, but later, thinking about that light, i was reminded of a picture of a laser light i had seen. but it was very, very tiny, used in surgical operations. talking to skeptical friends, i learned that there is no such thing as a laser light the size of a brick. the light looked to me exactly like the non-aura look of a laser light. the light formed a perfect square, contained inside that square…no aura of any sort. what remains for me, after thinking and remembering that experience are two things: i came to have a sense of kinship with them. they are, after all, not entirely different from us. they were as surprised to see me as i was to experience them. and most of all, i have this gnawing yearning for them to come back. just like those characters in the movie “encounters of the third kind” i have this inexplicable desire to experience them again.

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Credit: MUFON

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