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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia on 2018-10-01 13:57:00 - Witnessed 4 jets pass over the harbour and an object directly above me which looked to be a saucer/disk in shape. stayed stationary just under clouds and then iit seemed to just disappear with rapid speed straight up into the clouds

On monday october 1 2018 i had come home in the afternoon to take my dog outside for a walk to use it outside as i normally do everyday. as i was walking him outside across the street directly i’m fromt of the apartment building i live in. is when i happen to hear and notice a total of four jets flying directly above me at an alltitide of approx 15 to 18 thousand feet the fighter jets seemed to be half the distance in altitude at what a commercial airliner would normally be when i noticed them when i looked up at the sky. as they flew out over the mouth of the halifax harbour over the harbour and ocean. is when i happen to notice another object. this one particular object what seemed to me a disk shap or saucer like object and it seemed to be bigger than a fighter jet in size. what caught my attention was when the jets passed over i happen to take a picture with my iphone. and i happen to notice this disk like greyish coloured object directly above me very high in the sky just slightly beneath the clouds. it just stayed there not moving and no sound coming from object. i have seen a lot of airplanes and jets and helicopters over the years. but this one particular object i have never ever before up until that first sighting on that particular day. it stayed there not moving and as i reached to focus the iphone to take pic of object and try to find it on my screen with my phone. it quickly accelerated straight up into the clouds within a second and disappeared straight up into to clouds with no sound coming from the object what so ever. not sure if this abject was an ariel government drone being tested or a unindentified flying object

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Credit: MUFON

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