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Thursday, January 31, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Orem, Utah on 2018-10-03 21:40:00 - Metalic, and cigar shaped

Ok, so i recently saw something, and have sat on it for about 2 weeks cause i didn't really want to say anything. but i decided to just quickly write up what happened cause you guys are fairly open minded. i saw something in the sky, and quite honestly i cannot identify what it was. i was driving down a road in utah county on wednesday 3rd i believe at around 9:40. i looked up and over to my left as i drove east towards the mountain saw three lights in a perfect row, 2 red and then 1 blue, all evenly spaced. it was off towards my right, and was or to the north-east of me, and about a mile and a half away. the thing that really caught my eye was that we were in the middle of a massive pocket of down pouring, with sheets of rain, and horrible winds. i could literally feel my smaller suv being jostled by the winds. i grew up next to 2 airports one being an air force base and the other being a modestly busy commercial airport, so i know planes, i also have lived in this area for 5 years and know that it's not a flight path. i immediately thought it was a drone, because 1 no plane flies that close to the mountains, and 2 helicopters don't take that path, and 3 who flies in that weather if it was a helicopter? so our paths were on a fairly similar trajectory and i could tell we'd intersect in a matter of a minute so i kept a close eye on it but that all i could do as i was trying to drive safe in the rain. as i got closer and closer i could tell it was relatively low less then 1 and a half football fields off the ground, but was moving in a perfectly straight line, despite being in winds of 21 mph. as i was about to pass under it i got a semi good look at the lights, and saw three evenly spaced lights 1 red, another red and then blue on the tale end. i also could see a distinct outline, almost cigar shaped and slightly metallic. i couldn't make out any form of propulsion or even weirder to me stabilization. i went back and saw checked to see if this was even possible for me to see, but humidity was at 87% at this time, winds blowing in a heavy 21 mph blowing west, meaning this was fighting and flying in a south-easterly direction, on straight line and dead even speed. visibility was just about 3 miles and after it passed over my car i could no longer see it. also as to how i could see it through such rain, i can also confirm my car windows were completely fog free, with windshield wipers going on max (the rain was insane), and i had lasik back in march after which i have had perfect 20/10 vision in both eyes. this all being said, it may have been a mundane object, but to me i am added to the list who has seen something in the sky flying, which i cannot comfortable identify...I saw a ufo...

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Credit: MUFON

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