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Thursday, January 10, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Calhoun, Georgia on 2019-01-01 03:00:00 - Since i was little i'm from andromeda they call me god

First one i saw was big and silver i am from another galaxy andromeda they come in human shadows and have sex on me oral and get on top of me mostly woman i see them but my hands go through them i have been to many places they prostitute me out with different creatures i've been thrown out of the spaceships when there done i have filmed them but they always erase my footage the steal my money right out of my hand think my dad was some kind of 007 him and mother i've seen had strips on there face i have like a girlfriend that's like 73 or 74 but i've seen her turn into my dad my neighbor many things the strangest is from woman to man and ape like like the face melts into different things they can change into dogs werewolf vampire even a dog the size of a greyhound with no hair i even got one pregnant and had a baby but they wouldn't let me see it i have a child that's 9yr old i'm trying to get he has special powers in a foster home and this woman tells me what's going to happen by other people and it happens just as she said i have a sister also they know each other and hate each other think it's a sex thing i know about antarctica christ and i'm also king david they are fighting in the heavens right now i think it's over me i am christ love the one that comes after christ savior they keep changing the holy scripture,s they call me adam also i remember being in a silver mesh like suit like made of linked chains in heaven blessing babies and the last person i blessed was the woman i go with god was with me she told me they killed god i think the holy ones are hunting for me the earth will be destroyed by a astroid i think it's in the way already i sent for it. because i have seen them like millions silver spider like they can eat through concrete steal like locast nothing but bare ground is left they eat and destroy everything they say i have the last life and love giving blood i know about starships planting other planets with life they have erased slot but i know where evil ones live i must get off this planet and i need help can you please help me united states used to be germany i think united states has been destroyed 3 times are more i was even at on time married to a blue woman from india i'm supposed to be in the air force but don't know what happened i have been killed many times they also call me trump the last president and the last pipe is also in right now i'm trying to save the children i know about the machines i even took john conners to breakfast one mourning and he had some beautiful drawings of aliens that had sexy eyes but look like octopus there's alien bases in the oceans when i came as little boy earth was the 4th planet now it's the 3rd there was also a battle with the aliens and we lost.I know about the inter earth that's a place i would like to get too they work together brilliant education the way god the creator wanted things i think hitler is there all i know these aliens are slowly killing me with no contact that means touching we are created to be touched it's like a house if you move out of it and no one moves in it starts to die and decay things were created to be touched the vibrations i need to get away they follow me everywhere some of my memory is coming back i need to be on pandora

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Credit: MUFON

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