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Sunday, January 6, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Point Blank, Texas on 2019-01-06 04:30:00 - Bright glowing starlight orb/circle

This is the second report i've made of this object in the past week. it appeared sometime after dark last night. we observed it very briefly when we first sighted it. this morning i decided to capture video of the object. its very much like the object in my first mufon report of 01/04/2019, witnessed on 01/03/2019. i am uploading a video of the object. like my prior report, the object has a structure at the 7 o'clock position along its edge or rim. the object comes and goes, changes shape and to a minor degree its position. this morning the object had a serpentine feature extending from the object at 7 o'clock directly to the right. the serpentine feature was not as distinct as the 7 o'clock feature. it was simply a darker shade of gray than the gray color of the orb. we have witnessed this unknown orb many times, probably more than 3 dozen at this point. the orb is very bright when observed with the naked eye. to me, it clearly appears to be located within the earth's atmosphere. again, it looks a little like the star often seen in a nativity seen when observed without an optic. the feature at the 7 o'clock position appears red at times. the object often has a red rim feature around its exterior, and the 7 o'clock feature often appears to flatten out. i am posting this second report with the hope of motivating others to start observing this unknown object. the video was recorded with a canon pc 2200 with 50x zoom. the camera's display indicates its zoom can go as high as 200x, maybe by digital interpolation. i don't know. i'm no camera buff. we observed the unknown orb this morning after waking at about 4:30 am. it is now 6:50 am and it has not changed it relative position in the sky. it is still located to the southeast of my residence, the almost exact location where i saw it beginning at 4:30 am. in filming the orb this morning we noticed in the display on the camera what appeared to be movement by it. it appeared to move away from the camera as it became smaller in the display, only to return to its former position not very long after that. last night we also noticed what must be a second orb located to the southwest of my residence. this is the same general location i described having viewed an orb located to the southwest of my residence, which was observed last fall, described in my first mufon report on 01/04/2019. the more i observe the first orb, the subject of this report, the more i am convinced it cannot be a planet or a star. this orb is located in southeast texas, in an easterly direction from houston, tx. i observed it at a location about 22 miles east of hunstville, tx, near the midpoint between huntsville and livingston, tx. it was southeast of my location during the entire time of my observation. over more than 2 1/2 hours its position in the sky and relative to me did not change appreciably.

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Credit: MUFON

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