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Friday, January 11, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Pratt, Kansas on 1972-06-15 20:12:00 - Hovering about my 2 o'clock position then accelerated away

1)i was driving on a county road. 2)i noticed the object because it was glowing. 3) it was obviously not from around here. 4) the encounter lasted about 20 seconds. the craft was motionless and i had trouble determining its height and size. it was shaped like a loaf of french bread.It was also a beautiful night with no moon and a wonderful background of stars so the object was quite visible. 5) my feelings at the time were awe and i knew they are out there!!!! 6) losing sight of the craft was simple. it suddenly accelerated to the west and was out of sight in seconds. as a side note, at the time i had a private pilot's license. subsequently, i flew tactical jet aircraft for 9 years in the navy and i was an airline pilot for 28 years. so, here is the deal. this thing was huge. when it departed it was at an extremely high altitude - probably above the atmosphere. the reason i know this is because it followed the curvature of the earth. no telling how many thousands of miles an hour this thing was travelling. the g forces from its acceleration would have turned a human being into a pile of mush. there was another person in the car that saw this.

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Credit: MUFON

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