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Monday, January 21, 2019

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Alien Encounter in Memphis, Tennessee on 2005-11-22 00:00:00 - It was shaped like a bell with smooth bottom

This isnt the first time i seen this craft..I was laying in bed after hard day with uncle washing cars. i ate something. i a woken in my bed with human like being in my room. one was at the foot of my bed, the other was looking around and touching stuff the other was just standing there in the middle of my room. i couldnt move my whole body but, my head, feet and hands. i tried to say something to them but, nothing.I know if i said something i would scarer them. i watch them. i tried talking to them with my thoughts but nothing. they was tall grayish color, eye was was black no ears, no nose but ?? skinny no head normal size??.One saw me but did there other then one started to come over and tried to pull bankets back the the one that was standing reaches over like he was trying to cover my eye then i saw there nails in a point closer it's hand gotten to my face as the other trying to take blanket off.. then i tried to say something nothing but a huge noise came out freak them out then run in the the shadows.Then i could move turn on light ran outside the i saw it not once not twice three time i seen this object shaped like a bell with a smooth metal bottom i didnt hear a sound. i ran into the house all of my door was hard to open ??? but mind and the bathroom that i left open with the light barely shining in my room. i had question for them.. i didnt any mouths ?? i been looking for them.

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Credit: MUFON

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