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Sunday, January 20, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Woodstock, Illinois on 1999-02-28 00:00:00 - Very bright light stops family van. face to face with grey.

We had been travelling north-northeast on hartland road twards charles road near woodstock illinois when a bright light, so bright nothing else could be seen around it, appeared in front of us and caused my mom to stop the van. my two siblings pleaded with my mother not to stop but she said in a monotone almost programmed voice, "i have to". i felt a terrifying feeling and since time passed. i don't know how long but i remember thinking something like what's taking so long or why the wait. then the two side doors of the van opened. two short grey beings stood in the door. they were not wearing clothing or holding anything. one english, male voice said telepathically,"can he hear us?" angelically, almost impressed or surprised as if he knew i could. one replied something to the effect of the one in the back can. i got the feeling, more so i could tell, he was not talking to the second short grey but to a third. i turned to the back doors of the van as the back doors opened with a tall slender grey there in front of me. the taller was also without clothing, more humanoid, with a smaller head, and longer neck. the next thing my sister and i remember we are driving the same direction down the road. no one talked of the event for several years until my younger sister confirmed the exact story from her point of view ten or so years ago. my brother now denies the story saying we must have watched the same movie or that something happened that led us to believe that had happened. that is when i remembered the story as seeing the brightest light i have ever seen then it turned. we could then hear a tractor and see a combine. i don't think there was crop in the field at the time. i cannot remember the exact time frame but i remember it was cold. a combine seems unlikely. why would i remember that story last, many years later? how could the combine be so close but still be silent? i would really like to be put under hypnosis and see if we can find out the truth. i would be less likely to think the memory was real if not for a previous incident. i was sitting in the same parking lot where we had been before the incident described above when a very slow moving silent ship/ craft floated over head as i watche it. it was way too low for any known(to me) aircraft to still not be able to hear it. there appeared to be a door on the craft with a being standing in it. the light from the door behind the being was nearly a centimeter tall as it appeared to me. if it was an airplane high enough to be not heard, no light on it could appear that big to me that far away. also the dark outline of the craft was 3-5 times the size of the door. since i did not know the altitude for sure i am not sure the size other than how large it appeared to me in the sky. i believe the craft was only a few hundred feet above me if not closer. it is very hard to know because everything i was seeing was not possible so my brain was trying to make logical sense out of what i was seeing at the same time not believing what i was seeing. in the same heartland/woodstock area my parents had been driving twards a friend's house to return a catering plater when they "came to" headed the opposite direction 45 minutes later than either remembered with no idea how they had turned around or if they had been to the friends before they did so. though they did still have the plater.

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Credit: MUFON

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