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Sunday, January 13, 2019

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UFO Sighting in Bellingham, Washington on 2018-01-13 06:30:00 - Star like light, suddenly grew extremely bright, then dimmed, bright again. stayed bright about 5-10 seconds, dim and bright intermittently

I am staying at a friend's house, sleeping on the couch. i woke up suddenly. i'm not sure how long i laid awake...But i looked out the window and saw what i thought was a star. but the light was wavering in a strange way. it suddenly got very bright, almost hurting my eyes. i thought it must be a reflection of electronics. i looked around the room and didn't see an obvious source. at that time it dimmed again. then got bright once more. i observed the pattern for about 2 minutes. the light got bright and glowed bright about 5 to 10 seconds each time, but with varying amounts of time between flares, from 5 to 15 seconds roughly. from my vantage point on the couch the light was about 40 degrees up f4om the ground. i got up and went to the window after determining that the light was not moving in the sky. moving to the window, about 5 feet from the couch, i continued to watch the light. when i moved to the window it stopped pulsing but was still visible, fairly bright. then it extinguished. i was viwing the light between large pine trees from both vantage points. it was before dawn and quite dark. it was outside the city, in the suburbs and closer to the rural area east of town. i felt extremely restless upon waking and during the sighting. this feeling subsided after it disappeared.

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Credit: MUFON

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